Monday, December 20, 2010

Weekend Update 12/17-19/10

So this weekend was really, really good. One of the best we've had in a while, although busy it was a lot of fun.

Friday after work I had a couple quick errands to run and when I was at the last traffic light before the house HDT texts me that the food is getting cold. HE MADE DINNER! Yippee!! So I get there and he's downstairs with a couple burgers and the soda all ready to go. We quickly ate and chatted for a bit then headed out to the local theater to meet up with friends since we were seeing Tangled. Which I have to say was a lot more fun then I expected it to be. I mean I've read some decent reviews of it and the commercials were ok but I just didn't expect a whole lot more than cute from it. But the songs were good, the story was fun and moved along and the animation was really good, especially the facial expressions on the horse. Everyone loved it including the 49 year old cynical man that was with us.

After that we all went our separate ways; HDT and I went home. But not long after Jim came over to help HDT work on the computers that we're giving his two sisters. I bought them from my work when we upgraded and they just needed to clean them up and upgrade a few things and they'll be all good to go as gifts. While they did that I went and got all warm in the tub while reading. Then sat all warm in the bed reading some more before finally going to sleep a little after midnight. I believe HDT came to bed around 4ish.

Saturday I got up at 9 and started getting ready. At 9:15 I started in on trying to wake him up. Finally around 9:45 he was ready to get up. I finished getting ready and he got ready and we were out of the house and at the first store by 11:30. We decided to start out at Target and ended up getting all but 4 people completed there. How happy were we!?! Jim met us there to help with his oldest daughter's gifts. We wanted to get her clothes but needed to make sure of sizes and get his opinion on a couple of them whether she'd like them or not. He was also getting a cd from us, don't remember what it was though, and his youngest daughter's hat that she left at our place.

Then we all went to lunch and rested up a bit before HDT and I headed back out. We went to a hobby shop to try to find a specific game to give to one of my nieces but unfortunately they had just sold the one they had just two days before. So we got her a couple other games and headed out to Best Buy where we found an iPad holder for his dad then headed over to Toys R Us where we got a leapfrog item for HDT's youngest nephew. And then we were all done because the 4th person is my mom and we're getting her a plant from Home Depot to go with the other stuff we already got for her. But since it's a plant we didn't want to get it yet since we don't know if it'll be harmful to the cats or not and don't want to take a chance. So we'll go get it either Thursday night or Friday morning on the way to her place.

Oh yeah, we also still had to find a $5 gift for a female for some game that my mom is wanting to play with everyone. We need a female and male gift in the $5 range. We already have a really nice deck of cards that we'll use for the guys. We were going to give it to Jim but since we bought him Madden 2010 for the Xbox he's all set.

On our way home HDT called Jim up to see if he wanted to come hang out to watch a movie and when he got there I was heading back out because I had to go to Walgreens for a prescription. While there I found some really warm and fuzzy socks that they had 2 for $3 so I bought 4 of them to use for the female gift. Then I had to run over to the grocery store for the frozen orange juice I was going to need for the frosting for the carrot cookies I planned on baking on Sunday. And while there I decided to get some ice cream from Baskin' Robbins just down the sidewalk. When I was on my way home I glanced at the clock, it was 7:30, we had pretty much been going nonstop for 8 hours. Whew!

By the time I got back home they were working on the computer we planned on giving to Jenn. So I peeled, cut up and started boiling the carrots for the cookies tomorrow and by the time I got downstairs while the carrots were starting to cook they had decided what to have for dinner (Popeyes) and went to get it. I stayed home and flipped channels until I found Miracle on 34th Street (the original) and watched it until they got home. Then we decided to watch Resident Evil 3 on and off while they were continuing the upgrades to the computer. But after the last install was all done both HDT and I were pretty well exhausted and since he had to go to work for 4 hours overtime at 6am we called it quits for the night.

I woke up around 8:30 and saw that he'd been calling me since 8:00. But I don't have the ringer on my phone very loud and had slept through them all. Gave him a call back and the after snuggled in the bed petting Poydras until I finally made myself get up around 9:00. Took care of the animal's needs and then did my Sunday morning ritual of soaking in the tub while reading. I was going to start in on the cookies before the game was to start but by the time I was finished with the bath and getting dressed and all I decided it wasn't worth it because there's no way they'd all be done cooking before noon and I didn't want to have to keep leaving the room and not being able to watch.

So I just watched some tv while waiting for HDT to get home which he did a little before noon. I made us lunch and we proceeded to watch the game. Jess was supposed to come over to watch it as well but ended up not getting there until almost the end of the 3rd quarter. She was coming over to watch it and wrap presents. But HDT was working on another computer while the game was going on so no wrapping of gifts happened.

After the game I headed upstairs to start in on the cookies, not sure exactly what they were doing in the basement but at some point Jess got all the gifts she was giving out spread out on the table. But before she was able to start boxing things up they decided to get us dinner. I was on my third batch of cookies by then. And by the time they got home I was taking the last tray out of the oven to let cool. I ate my dinner and chatted with them for a little longer then when upstairs to start frosting the 1st batch which had cooled completely by then. When I was finally all done frosting it was after 8:30. I was one tired girl.

I had to lock the cats up at one point because both were trying to get at the cookies. Cry Baby actually did. He nommed on two of them and dropped two others. Was not a happy momma. But between those 4 and the ones HDT, Jess and I had I made around 155 cookies. No wonder it took over 5 hours to complete. This is why these cookies only get made once a year and are so coveted by my family.

Afterward I went downstairs to visit for awhile. Jess had almost finished boxing up all her presents, she just had a few more to go. HDT was finishing up on the computer as well. After he was done with that he started organizing some of the jewelry we had bought for several of the nieces and by then Jess had started in on boxing up the clothes we had bought for gifts. I also did a little bit of laundry while chatting with them. Finally around 10:30 or so I couldn't take it anymore and headed up to bed. HDT finally came up just before midnight.

Jess stayed up till around 2am and then hunkered down on our couch for the rest of the night. She was still there when HDT got up at 5:00 to get ready for work. She was still there when I got up 2 hours later. I figured he would've woken her up and she would've left because I thought she was supposed to get Kylie by 8:00 but oh well. I didn't wake her up either, figured she knew what she was doing.

When I went home for lunch she was still there finishing the wrapping and Kylie was with her. So after eating I visited with them for bit before heading back to work.

Yep, really busy but got a lot accomplished and had fun doing it.

Media quote of the day: From Tangled - you really should go see it.

I have made the decision to trust you. - Rapunzel
A horrible decision really. - Flynn Rider

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