Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas/Weekend update 12/23-26/10

So we got out of work early on Thursday after having our company Christmas Luncheon. I brought my blueberry fluff and some of the carrot cookies I made last weekend. All but a couple pieces of the fluff was eaten and I gave the rest to my coworker since she didn't get any and I had two more whole ones left anyway. Only a few of the cookies were eaten but that's ok, there were plenty of other sweats for people to eat so that didn't bother me. We were out of there by 2:00 after having a one and half hour luncheon and then I helped clean up.

I got home and HDT was wrapping a few gifts but was ready for the most part to take off and do some errands and get the other last minute gifts we needed to get. Which now included gifts to three of the chicks that ended up getting me something. Chris, my coworker, let me know that most of them don't do anything so I didn't have anything to worry about, especially when it came to her. UGH! It ended up snowballing, first our office manager gave all us girls a gift; then our insurance chick gave us all something and the receptionist felt bad (because Chris had told her the same thing) so she ran out on Thursday real quick to get gifts. Chris and I figured she was just getting something for the other two since neither Chris nor I got her anything. No such luck, she got us all a box of chocolates. Double UGH! So now I felt totally obligated to get them all something. Luckily Chris was still all about her and I not doing anything. Heh

So anyway, we headed out a little after 3:00 and ended up not getting home until almost 8:30. I was not a happy camper. I tend to worry and start feeling anxious when I feel like, and I know, I'm running out of time. So when I mentioned for the millionth time that we needed to hurry and start to wrap presents and that HDT STILL needed to go to the store to get the pop that he had to bring to work on Christmas Day he snapped which of course made me snap. It was ugly for about 10 or so minutes but he calmed down first and gave me a big hug and made me breathe and we were better after that. We didn't finish wrapping until after midnight though.

After which we gathered all the presents up and took them over to his grandma's so we wouldn't have to worry about them later. We had already dropped off my families gifts at my mom's house earlier when we were running around. After we had done what we needed to do at his grandma's we were just chatting before heading out. I was sitting on the floor with my back to the rest of the house and he was standing in front of me but facing the tree so his back was also to the rest of the house. Next thing we know we hear, "So what do you think?" We both jumped and sucked in our breath. His grandma had walked up behind us with her ninja like gate and scared the piss out of us. It was quite funny when we were able to breathe again. We got home a little after 2:00 and I crawled right into bed with HDT not far behind.

Friday morning we got up and were at my mom's house by 11:30 or so. Wayne's family was already there so that was nice. The rest slowly came in and everyone was there by 1:00ish I think it was. Which was pretty good timing as the food was ready not long after so we all grabbed a plate and filled up. After the table was all cleared and everyone was ready we grabbed the $5 gift for the girls and we all sat around the table to begin a game mom had found on the internet. We had one of the nephews read and every time he said left we passed the gift in front of us to the left and then same for right. It was a lot of fun, especially when the words were said one right after the other. When the story was done only two people knew what the gift was in front of them so we had them switch with the person that was sitting directly across from them. I ended up with a pretty purple fleece blanket and chocolate covered cherries. Then the boys grabbed the male gifts and did the same thing with a different story. HDT ended up with some water bottles that are similar to the
Sigg water bottles that he really likes. So he was happy with that.

After that we all headed over to the tree and Scott was chosen to hand out the gifts. I received several smell good items for the house and myself along with a couple books and a Josh Groban cd from Roy who had my name this year. HDT received his first garden gnome. He got it from Wayne and it's a Saints solar powered gnome. The football will light up and there's a fleur-de-lis on the little guys hat. It's very cute. One of his other gifts, from one of the nephews, was a glass cleaner/wiper thingy for the inside of the windshield, I think I might have to steal it from him.

I believe it all started after the very first gift was opened, maybe the second, but next thing we all knew the balled up wrapping paper war had begun and lasted throughout the whole unwrapping of the gifts. We've pretty much always tossed balls of wrapping paper around but for the last few years it seems to have become a war. But a fun one. My nephew got me good in the face so after that I kept trying to get him back. I finally succeeded but it wasn't easy since I'm a horrible shot and he was sitting right next to my mom. So I course was trying to make sure it wouldn't curve and hit her so most of the time I missed big time. Oh well, I did end up getting him so that's all that matters. Hee!

Not long after all the gifts were open and the place cleaned up we packed up and headed over to his grandma's house for his mom's side of the family get together.

Shortly after we got there dinner was ready so we all sat down to eat. Jess and Kylie weren't there yet but they got there right after everyone finished eating (in fact there were still a few of us at the table just chillin). They both got a bite to eat and not long after that we got ready for the gift opening. It mostly went off without a hitch, a little snapping here or there but not much. They went in order from youngest to oldest although since grandma can't hear she didn't realize that's what we were doing and she opened all of hers right away. But that was just fine. When it was time for Jess to open hers I told her to hold off on the one from HDT and me. So when she finally got to it I had Jenn sit next to her and they opened theirs together. Both were quite confused by what they had, Jenn had a motherboard and Jess had a video card. We then told them to pull the couch away from the wall, which confused them even more, but eventually they did what they were told and looked behind and saw the computers sitting there. Both were very excited and happy so we did good there. We let them know that what they opened was now garbage, they were just symbols for what was put into the computers for them.

We got out of there shortly after 11:00, later than what we wanted since HDT had to work in the morning, but he had been trying to hook up grandma's tv that we got her and found out that a part was missing. We bought it from Jim and somehow we all forgot to put the power cable in the box. Silly, silly us. So he'll have to get that and hook it up another day.

Saturday morning he went to work for the day and I slept in some. Took my Saturday ritual bath and then cleaned up all the wrapping paper, bows, etc. that was still all over the basement. Then watched a Christmas movie I had recorded from the Hallmark channel - was pretty good. Tried to take a nap but failed so sat back up and continued to watch more tv until HDT got home. Made us dinner and then watched a little tv with him until he had to go to bed. I went up with him expecting to read until I was ready to sleep but he asked me to lay down with him until he fell asleep. I ended up feeling tired enough so just ended up sleeping myself.

He had to go in at 2:00am so we got him up and on his way. Shortly after he left Poydras let me know he had to go pee so I took him out. The sky had opened up during those few hours we had been asleep. There was a good foot of snow on the ground. Way too much for him to be able to go into the yard to do his business, he ended up having to pee on the sidewalk. So when we got up later on (around 10:00ish) I went out to shovel into the yard because I knew he'd have to go poo and besides, I didn't want him to keep peeing on the sidewalk. While I was shoveling I hear a snow blower come up behind me and I turn around and my neighbor is snow blowing our driveway. I thanked him profusely. I let HDT know we owe him big time.

So after that I was lazy for the rest of the day. I watched more of the Hallmark movies, then I watched the last half of the Bears game. Started feeling awfully tired so laid down on the couch while the Packers game was on and proceeded to doze off for a good 1/2 hour or so. Then did my Sunday ritual bath/read and was just finishing getting dressed when HDT made it home. He had leftovers for dinner and I heated up some soup. We watched a show or two of recorded shows then he went on the xbox to just play a game or two. But a couple of his friends were on so he ended up on a little longer than planned and I grew bored so went up to bed to read until I was ready to go to sleep. Which was around midnight which was also when he came up.

Media quote of the day: From Labyrinth - We got this for his niece Kylie and she was so damn happy. Her eyes got huge and her mouth went into a big O and she went up on her toes and then she got the biggest grin and waved it at her mom to show what she got. Yep, big hit!

I ask for so little. Just fear me, love me, do as I say and I will be your slave. - Jareth

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