Tuesday, December 28, 2010

More gifts exchanged and a scary but happy victory

So last night after work HDT's dad and stepmom came over for us to exchange gifts. Normally we go to their house on Christmas Day but since he had to work the rest of the weekend that didn't happen this year. So we ordered some dinner and sat around visiting then finally opened gifts. I got the whole Ally McBeal dvd package which makes me one happy girl!

Not long after that Jim and his girls came over to get their gifts for both Christmas and birthdays. His youngest daughter's birthday is in November and it falls within a couple/few days of Thanksgiving so we never get together for it then. And his oldest daughter's birthday is on 12/23 so again, we never get together for it. So every year they get all their presents on the same day, usually after Christmas.

Shortly before the Saints game started his dad and stepmom left so they could watch the game at home. HDT tried to convince them to stay but his dad had to get up at 4:00 to get ready for work so he said he was gonna watch the game in bed so he could just fall asleep when he got tired enough. Jim and the girls stuck around.

It was a really good game but a nail biter that's for sure. We were hootin and hollerin pretty much the whole time; yelling the tv several times too. HDT commented a few times on how Hartley had to be feeling really badly because of his missed field goal in OT the last time they met. But when Brees threw two interceptions in a row I said that Hartley was feeling better now. But luckily and mightily they pulled it out and won the game. Very happy.

I went to bed pretty much right after but they all hung out a little longer. I think it was around midnight when I heard them leave. HDT didn't crawl into bed until 4:30 and then it felt like I had only slept for about 10 minutes before my alarm went off. Ah well.

Media quote of the day:

Who Dat!?!

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