Wednesday, October 27, 2010


So I've been really looking forward to the new Harry Potter movie, like really excited it's finally coming out. All the previews look terrific and nice and dark. I just found out that the company's holiday party will be on the same day as the release day of the movie - November 19th.

I told HDT about it last night and he of course said I was gonna be going to the party by myself then or he'd go see the movie at midnight on Thursday if they'd be having one which we're sure they will. But I of course told him he wouldn't be seeing it without me, especially since I want to see it way more than he does. I know he was just teasing but I still couldn't help but respond.

I am highly disappointed about it though. I guess we'll have to go on Saturday now. If we hadn't missed the company picnic in September because we were in New Orleans then I would've been all for missing the holiday party. But since it's my first year here and I did miss the picnic I figure I better go. From what I've been hearing not very many people are going. At least not amongst the chicks in this place. Sounds like only myself, Chris - the other A/R chick and bosslady will be going. As far as the men are concerned I have no clue, have only heard about one of them and he's not going. So since it sounds like very few people will be there it seems like I should go even more. Oh well so be it.

Media quote of the day:

I must be the one to kill Harry Potter! - Lord Voldemort from The Deathly Hallows

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