Monday, October 25, 2010

Weekend Update 10/21-24/10

So since we did some things on Thursday I decided to include it in my weekend update. Thursday night we went to the Apple store because HDT's new iphone 4 wasn't working. He had bought it Wednesday night and did all that he was supposed to do for the transferring over of information and all and that worked but it was telling him he had no service. He had to go to work at 2:00am so I told him at 9:00pm to quit messing with it and get to bed. He sent me an email during the day showing he had an appointment at 7:30 Thursday evening to get it working since he still didn't have any service.

They were able to get it working and while we were there we saw one of the guys who is on the bowling league that we used to be a part of. He was working and ended up telling HDT about a discount/free skin for the phone. Actually the discount was for his mobile me account. Anyway it was good thing we chatted with him about bowling because it was during that that he asked HDT if the guy who sold him the phone had mentioned those things to him. So after we got those things taken care of we headed out to go home.

It was about 8:20 or so and HDT mentioned going to a movie. So we looked up times at the place we usually go to but the earliest movie started at 10:00 and that was way too late. So we checked out the theater that's actually closer to our home and they had Expendables still and it was starting at 9:00. Couldn't have been better timing. It was a silly movie but a lot of fun. We were the only people in the theater and the first song in the movie is Georgia Satellite's Keep Your Hands to Yourself. I absolutely love this song and couldn't help singing along. And I wasn't quite either. HDT gives me a look and I'm all "What? We're alone." Turns out the whole soundtrack is pretty damn good, just might have to get it.

Friday after work we hung out watching some of the dvr'd shows and having chinese for dinner. Was nice and relaxing.

Saturday we got up around 9:45ish or so. I took a relaxing bath while he went downstairs on his computer. He talked with Jim for awhile and decided we'd go see another movie. We've all been wanting to see Red so Jim was gonna come over and we'd go see it. But since it was still too early to go yet and we were all hungry we started talking food (HDT had got me on the phone as well) and we decided on Chinese again. So HDT ordered it and Jim got it on his way over. We ate and watched some shows and bullshitted until it was time for HDT to go take his shower and then we got out of there. I was actually surprised to see the theater pretty damn full. One because the movie has been out for at least a week and two because it was a 4:30 showing. Anyway, it was really good. Very funny and had some great action. Love me some Bruce Willis!

We got some italian beefs and fries for dinner on the way home and right after eating HDT and I quickly took out the garbage & recycleables. Then he vacuumed because the boys were all coming over to watch the UFC fights. The fights were pretty good, nothing great though. Except for the title fight with Lesnar and Velasquez. I kept going back and forth between choosing Lesnar over Velasquez and then going the other way. I finally settled on Lesnar winning in the 2nd round. But it ended up being Velasquez in the first round. And might I add that we were all happy to see it. It's mixed with us all on who likes Brock and who doesn't but even those of us who like him (i.e. HDT and myself) were actually happy to see him get his ass kicked. It was about time. Wayne thinks he's now done, that he'll never have the belt again and probably won't even be able to fight for it even. I'm not so sure about that though, he's learned after every fight so I think he's gonna have another chance eventually.

Sunday we were supposed to get up and go to church with one of HDT's coworkers. But after I got up he called me back into the bedroom and asked me what I thought about him texting her and telling her we wouldn't be able to make it. I was ok with it because I was still really tired from being up late and plus I had a headache. Not a migraine at least but it still hurt bad enough. He stayed up even later than I did and said he thought he'd end up falling asleep sitting in the pew and didn't thank that was such a great idea. So he texted her to let her know we wouldn't be going. I crawled back into bed after letting the dog out & then feeding him and the cats. We slept until 10:00 or so.

We snuggled in bed giving Poydras a bunch of love and doing things on our phones and after awhile finally got up. He went downstairs to make sure his fantasy football roster was in order while I prepared things for our brunch. We watched the game, that sad, sad game and afterward watch several shows on the dvr again. I asked him if he was ok with me getting rid of The Event and canceling all future shows, he was good with it. Did the same with Undercovers. Although we were enjoying both shows we decided we had enough that we watched and they weren't the first ones we'd go to in the list. We did decide to keep Hawaii 5 0 and No Ordinary Family because they're still fun to watch, for now anyway.

We headed to bed just after 10:00. It was a really nice weekend if I do say so myself.

Media quote of the day: Portion of Keep Your Hands to Yourself by Georgia Satellites

I got a little change in my pocket going jingle lingle ling
Want to call you on the telephone baby, give you a ring
But each time we talk I get the same old thing
Always no huggin' no kissin' until I get a wedding ring
My honey my baby to put my love upon no shelf
She said don't give me no lines and keep your hands to yourself

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