Thursday, October 28, 2010

I bruise too damn easily

So last night HDT and I had to run an errand and while out we decided to try a new restaurant in town. Just a little burger joint. We each got a hotdog rather than a burger though. It was good, we'll eat there again.

But that's not what I came on to say. When we left the wind was blowing really hard and I go to get in his Jeep and a gust comes up and pushes the door into me and I lose my balance and my ass hits something jutting out of the Jeep so now I have a frackin bruise on my ass. This morning Pretty Boy started doing his annoying thing where he runs up onto the bed and up my body to try to get me up to go feed him. He did it twice and once he ran back back down my body. Each time he stepped right on that damn bruise.

Damn cat.

I looked at it in the mirror before I got dressed and for all the pain its caused it's pretty damn little. I bruise so easily but they don't usually hurt very much. This one is hurting pretty good.

Damn wind.

Media quote of the day:

I really don't want to hurt you. Bruises bring down the price. - Barney talking to Cordelia in Angel - Parting Gifts

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