Monday, October 4, 2010

Weekend Updated 10/1 - 3/10

So, normally we'd be up in Door County right now enjoying our anniversary week. But because I quit my job last year and was out for 6 months and then only making temporary pay when I did get a job we couldn't head up there this year. I'm sad about that but I'm glad I got the job I did because so far it's great.

So, we thought about going to a movie Friday night but I was pretty darn tired from lack of sleep throughout the week and he didn't feel like going either so we stayed home. Besides we had close to two weeks worth of shows in the dvr to watch.

Saturday I got up around 9:00 and since I didn't feel like getting up but I knew I wouldn't sleep anymore I decided to take a long leisurely hot bath. I finished the book I was reading while in there. After soaking for awhile I got ready to go do the grocery shopping that's been needed all week. As I was getting ready HDT woke up, I asked him if he'd want to come along but he didn't, he was still pretty tired.

So I did the shopping and then after putting everything away, he helped with the pop, we proceeded to be lazy again all day and continue catching up on the dvr'd shows. Oh yeah, I ran back out real quick to go to BWW to get some more spicy garlic sauce and he wanted me to get another kind that we haven't tried yet just to experiment. So I got the Asian something or other. We shall see soon if it's any good.

Sunday was the game, which was a nail biter. So glad Carney is back but I feel so bad for Hartley. Oh well, he's still young, he'll get better. HDT's dad came over to watch with us since the Bears didn't play until the evening. He asked us to come over and watch it so we told him we would go.

A little after 4:00 I went up to bed to take a nap, I was so out of it I was actually dozing off on the couch. Which I hardly ever do because I can't sleep with the tv on. I set my alarm for 5:40 to make sure I'd get up in time to get the roast out of the crockpot which was set to be done at 6:00. HDT came crawling in right after my alarm went off and said he wanted to take a nap for 30-40 minutes. I ended up dozing off and on until 6:00 and then finally got up to check on the meat and finish making the sides for dinner. Got him up at 6:45 or so and we ate dinner before heading over to his dad's.

The Bears game was a big joke, at one point Collinsworth even made a joke about putting a circus tent over the stadium. It was pretty damn funny. The Bears ended up going all the way down to their 3rd tier quarterback in the 4th quarter. Sad, just sad.

After HDT helped his dad out with his desktop we headed home. Earlier in the day my throat had started to hurt and kept getting worse as the day went on. I thought it was just from the spices on the meat irritating it. But when I woke up from the nap I was stuffy and had major sinus pressure going on. Turns out I now have a cold, yippee.

You'd think with all the rest I got over the last couple days I wouldn't have gotten sick, oh well.

Media quote of the day:

It's amazing. You even make football sound bad, Bones. - Seeley Booth - Bones

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