Monday, October 11, 2010

Weekend Update 10/8-10/10

So this weekend was pretty busy but very enjoyable. Friday right after I got home from work HDT and I headed out to visit his dad and stepmom about an hour away at a campground they were staying at for the weekend. What should have taken us about an hour took almost two. He wanted to stop and wash the jeep because he'd be taking back the soft top to his friend that he borrowed it from the next day. So that took close to 20 minutes and then when we got to the highway it was backed up. Although it was moving steadily we were only going about 15-20 miles an hour.

So since I had to stop and get cough medicine because I couldn't stop coughing we pulled back off the highway to take a quicker route to a pharmacy. The cold had moved down into my chest and I couldn't take a deep breath without coughing like crazy. After I got the medicine we made it back to the highway but by then it was well past the construction and car accident that was making it move so slowly and we were finally on our way.

We had a good time visiting them and their friends having a good steak dinner and nice sit around the fire. We took Poydras with us and he was such a good boy, didn't cause any problems at all and everyone loved him.

I went straight to bed when we got home but he stayed up. I have no idea when he came to bed, I woke up at one point after the sun had risen with both cats and the dog all snuggled up against me and I reached behind me to see if he was there and he was. I promptly fell back asleep.

We got up around 10:00 and he headed out to his friends to take the soft top back and then to another friend's kid's football game that was starting at noon. Now that I think about it, I don't know if he ever made it to the game because he never said anything about it. Hmmm, I'll have to ask him about it. I took a nice leisurely bath and then got ready for the day.

I watched some Private Practice while waiting for him to make it back home with Jim. We three were going to a friend's house for a poker tournament that evening. HDT called at one point saying he was heading over to his friend Pat's house to check on him. He was feeling kinda down and Jim couldn't get a hold of him and he wasn't answering HDT's call either so he wanted to make sure all was well. HDT called me about an hour later saying he had stopped at another guy's house to visit and was finally on his way to Pat's place and he'd give me another call when he was on his way to get Jim. I continued to chill watching PP and finally got the call from HDT that they were on their way.

They got home with some dinner, we ate pretty quickly and then headed out to Willy's for the poker game. None of us won this time around, made us all pretty sad but we had a good time and that's all that matters.

On our way home (which was after midnight and I was pretty damn tired) the guys started talking about going out and visiting with Pat. He had told HDT to give him a call after we were done with the game to see if he was still up and maybe he and Jim could come out for a while. He was still up and willing to have visitors so we all went out. Played some hearts, I lost - seemed like they were all gunning for me. Especially after I shot the moon without even trying to. After hearts we watched a Doctor Who episode from a few years ago. Both Jim and Pat were telling HDT and I about how good it is and we should really get into them. It was pretty good but I'm not sure I'm interested enough. HDT really liked it so he might Netflix them.

We finally got home some time after 4:00 after dropping Jim off at his place. I went straight to bed but HDT stayed up a couple more hours. He wanted up by 11:30 but got up around 11:40 so not too much later. We got ready and headed out the door around 12:30, stopped for gas and went for a drive. He surprised me on Friday saying he was thinking we should go out for breakfast/brunch Sunday and go for a drive afterward and then get back home in time to watch the game at 3:00. At the gas station I got us a packet of Zingers and a pop since we didn't know where we were gonna go for food so therefore didn't know how long it'd be before eating. It was a good thing I did because we ended up not eating until we made it back home just after 3:00.

The drive was really nice though, he brought his ipod so we had some good tunes to listen too while enjoying the unseasonably warm weather and pretty trees. We decided to head out to a town that one of his coworkers told us about that has a shop with some nice furniture where we could possibly find a bookcase or two. Which we've been wanting for awhile now. We ended up bypassing it without realizing it and the sort of got turned around by taking a side road we've never been on before. But we ended up back in the town and went into an Irish shop which had some pretty neat stuff but was way over priced so didn't get anything. The street that we needed to take to make it back to the furniture shop was backed up and rather than try to get in we decided to skip and just head back home.

We turned off of it at some point and saw a sign that was for a fall festival/hay ride/farm/etc. so we followed those to see what it was all about. But when we got to it we decided to skip it since it was big time packed with people and I'd just want to spend money we don't have on decorating things that we don't have places for them to go. So we kept driving and at some point got turned around again in some subdivision. But eventually got out of there and made it to a road we knew and headed home. We called into a restaurant to order takeout, grabbed it and made it home about 3:15. Luckily I had remembered to set the game to record before we left so were able to watch it on the dvr and during the commercials caught up to real time.

The game itself was a shambles. The Cardinals played better than expected and the Saints played horribly. Too many turn overs and costly ones at that. Sad, it was just sad. And that's all I have to say about that.

We were both really tired but knew we had to stay up at least a few more hours otherwise we'd be waking up way to early. So we watched some recorded shows while doing some laundry and then went up to bed around 10:00. I'm still fighting my cold so I've been taking medicine all weekend, I took a shot of the nighttime stuff and was asleep within minutes. I woke up a couple times in the night but fell asleep right away again so that was good. I feel rested today but I'm still coughing and having to blow my nose more than I'd like even after taking the day time stuff. Oh well, from what I've heard from other people this is gonna be sticking around for at least another week or so. Ugh.

Media quote of the day: - Roger Miller's Dang Me - one of the great tunes we listened to

They say roses are red and violets are purple
and surgar's sweet and so is maple surple

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