Monday, January 3, 2011

Weekend Update 12/30 - 1/2/11

So Thursday we got out of work early at 3:00. Well, by the time I finished what I was doing at the time we were told we could go and then cleaning up my desk it was actually 3:20 that I got out of there. Anyway, HDiTty and I had planned on meeting up with our friend Pat and going to see a movie. Since I got out early we confirmed with him that he was ready to go and we picked him up then went out for dinner at a Chinese restaurant that we don't get to very often since it's a decent drive away. All of us had an excellent dinner and HDT and I had enough left over for another meal or two each.

After that we headed out to go see True Grit. That is one excellent movie I must say. I've never read the book it's based on nor have I seen the original movie with The Duke. And I probably never will see that one as I don't really care for John Wayne. But what I've read of this remake it's closer to the book anyway so why would I want to see the other? Anyway, everyone in it is really good and the girl (Hailee Steinfeld) was absolutely wonderful.

Since none of us were tired and True Grit got out with enough time we decided to go see Tron Legacy in 3D as well. Which was ok, but I didn't expect much from it anyway as the original was pretty darn bad/campy. But I definitely liked seeing Michael Sheen, his character was a lot of fun to watch.

After that we took him home and hung out for a little bit until both HDT and I started to get really tired so we headed on home.

Friday after we got up and had some breakfast I got ready to go do some well needed shopping and HDT went into work to complete some projects he needed to do. After putting away the groceries, ect. I decided I'd start in on the tree since I didn't know when HDT was getting home and I wanted as much as possible off it. I couldn't help myself, Jersey Shore was on the tv when I turned it on and I got sucked into the ridiculousness of it all. But it was like a train wreck, I just couldn't look away.

Anyway, I put a sheet down in the middle of the room and had to sort of lift/drag the tree on to it since the base still had water in it. By the time I got all the ornaments and lights off it seemed like there were more needles on the sheet/floor than there were on the tree. That is one dry tree. Since I couldn't take it out of the stand by myself I left it there and started to do some other cleaning. I had texted HDT at one point to find out when he'd be home and he didn't have a clue so when my stomach started growling I heated up my Chinese and had dinner while still watching Jersey Shore.

Pretty much at the same time I was finishing my meal HDT gave a call to say he was on his way home and Jim was following him. So they took the tree the rest of the way down and out to the curb wrapped in the old shower curtain HDT had just changed and the sheet I had put it on. Both of them were hungry so I heated up his left over Chinese for them. Then as they were eating they started to talk about what we'd watch and since we didn't finish Resident Evil: Extinction the other night we decided we'd watch that. Then Jim said that the 4th one - Resident Evil: Afterlife should have been released on Tuesday. I went online to check and sure enough it was out. So HDT called up Walmart to make sure they had it before we went all the way out there and they did so we went all the way out there.

And of course while there we did a little more shopping, including getting Southern Comfort which is what HDT prefers to do shots of. Since we already have Jaeger for me and Rumplemintz for Jim we were set. When we had walked in the doors of the store there was a display of freshly baked bread which triggered the "I want a sandwich" switch in the guys' brains so we grabbed a loaf of it and the guys chose what meat they wanted and then we did the rest of the shopping. By the time we got home it was 11:30.

I grabbed everything needed to make the sandwiches and brought it downstairs while the guys set up the table. We decided to play a game:
Munchkin Bites while eating. During that it turned midnight so we did a shot of Jaeger, then SoCo then Rumplemintz. The Rumplemintz almost made me hurl, the others I had absolutely no problem with. I took a couple bites of the bread (I was not having any sandwiches - still too full) and that helped settle everything down. At midnight mountain time we had a Hanging Nazi shot (1/2 Jaeger and 1/2 Rumplemintz) that went down a little easier.

After we finished the game we finished watching Extinction then put in Afterlife. I was ready for bed within the first 10 minutes. HDT was ready as well, Jim was gonna stay behind to finish it, told him to lock up when he left. But then as I was getting ready to get up something in the movie caught HDT's eye and he ended up staying up to watch the whole movie.

Saturday we slept in late and then were lazy for most of the day watching tv. At one point Wayne texted me about the UFC fights so we decided to go ahead and get it. So I then texted all the rest of the brothers to let them know. Mom called me pretty much right after that since she knew I was at the least near my phone (Roy lives with her). While talking to her Jason called and Wayne texted back. HDT also gave Jim a call to see if he'd come over to help him with the tv and other electronic crap that I hate working on with him.

While they did that I cleaned up the kitchen. They realized they needed some things from Home Depot so they ran out to do that and while there HDT saw a rug that he really wanted so he got it. It is gorgeous, dark colors and leaves all over. So I'm really happy with it too. While they were finishing up Scott and his son showed up and then not long after that Wayne did. We quickly finished straightening up and then settled down to watch the Prelims. Jason and Roy showed up just before, maybe just after, the main fights started. Amazingly enough, for a card that didn't have any real big fighters going at it, although there was a title fight, and we almost didn't get because of that reason it ended up being really good. And not just because I was feeling good after having a mudslide either.

After the fights everyone left but Jim. I went to bed just after one and when I woke up some time later I noticed HDT still hadn't come to bed. I look at the clock and it's almost 7:00. I texted him "srsly" and he comes back asking me to come downstairs. I confirmed Jim was gone (only in my sleepshirt and panties) and went down. As I walked through the living room I see that they had brought the old rug up and put it in there (looks good) and the old green rug was now in the kitchen in front of the sink. The new rug had been put down along with the small new rug that matched it was at the bottom of the stairs. Also he had straightened out the DVD's and did a little more as well.

After telling him that he did a great job, that I really like the new rug and fed and watered and bathroom breaked the dog/cats I went back to bed. He came up shortly after. I set the alarm to make sure we wouldn't sleep too late and miss the kick off of the Saints game at noon. I ended up waking up at 9:45 and couldn't go back to sleep although I stayed in bed petting the cat and dog until almost 11:00.

I finally got up and started making bacon and eggs for breakfast. At 11:35 I woke up HDT for his first alarm. Then his own alarm kicked in about 11:45. We watched the sad, sad game but still not a big deal that they lost since Atlanta won theirs. Then we turned on the Bears/Packers game. I got a little bored with it so didn't pay that much attention to it. Then a little after 5:00 I made us dinner. We watched a 48 Hours Mystery that had been in our DVR since November. After that it was close to the time for the night game, which would determine who the Saints will be meeting in the playoffs next week. Turns out it'll be Seattle, which should be, knock on wood, a fairly easy enough game. At least it shouldn't be a struggle as so many of them have been lately.

It was a pretty boring game but HDT did more cleaning/decorating of the basement while I continued to read the last Dark Tower book and help him on and off. I must say, he did a really good job. Although it's not the "grown up" living room I'd like it is a "grown up sports room." Heh

Media quote of the day:

Change the scheme! Alter the mood! Electrify the boys and girls if you'd be so kind. - Castor/Zeus - Michael Sheen - Tron Legacy

Well, I was gonna do a quote from True Grit as well but unfortunately there isn't any on IMDB and that's the only place I trust in getting one. So, so be it.

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