Thursday, January 13, 2011

Migraine is finally gone

So, yeah, my migraine got so bad that I had to stay home on Tuesday. I took one of my pills after calling in to work and then crawled back into bed and hibernated until after 12:00. And pretty much only got up then because HDT had to get up for a doctor appointment and he disturbed Poydras. So I got up to let him outside and feed him, Poydras not HDT silly. I debated crawling back into bed again but decided I'd take a hot bath instead. Those seem to help with the headaches sometimes.

It had started snowing during the night and when we got up there were several inches accumulated already. HDT shoveled the steps and the sidewalk out to his Jeep on his way to his appointment. A couple hours later when I had to take Poydras out enough had fallen that I had to shovel again. Plus I had to uncover the satellite dish since the snow was causing interference.

HDT got home shortly after that and we had lunch and watched some tv. At some point his mom showed up bringing the pictures she needs him to work on for a slide show for his grandma's birthday party this Saturday. At 5:00 he started to get ready to go into work for some overtime he had (6:00 - 10:00) and his mom and I talked about his sister and what she's going through for a while. She was slowly preparing to leave to go to Walgreens to work on scanning in more of her pictures to bring to him at work. She had just finished putting on her boots and was actually getting ready to leave when he came walking back in the door. Turns out on the 1st, in his iphone calender when a bunch of birthday stuff got all wacky some of his overtime stuff got all wacky too and he ended up not having any overtime.

So he changed clothes to go snow blow the driveway and kicked her out of the house to get to the store to work on the pictures. While they did that I watched The Cape. We had started it on Monday when Jess was over but she had to leave for a meeting so we stopped it until she got back. But she didn't get back until after I had to get ready for bed so they finished it during the night so I had to catch up. It was pretty good, better than I expected, so we'll keep watching it for now. When there was about a 1/2 hour left HDT had finished with our driveway and our neighbor's - he was paying them back for doing ours from the last big snowfall.

I started the oven for dinner and he started in on the pictures while I finished the show. His mom didn't show back up until after 9:00, when he should've been getting ready for bed since he had to work the next day. I finally headed up around 11:00 after making up the futon for his mom to crash on. I think he showed up not long after that.

Yesterday at work I still had a headache but it slowly got better as the day wore on. By last night it was completely gone and today still no pain. Knock on wood it lasts.

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