Monday, January 10, 2011

Weekend Update 1/7-9/11

So, hmmm, I can't remember what we did Friday evening. I think we just hung out and watched some tv because it was his weekend to work and he wanted to get into bed by 9:00. Yes, that's it. He was in bed by 8:45 actually. I followed not too much long after. Oh, no, never mind. I stayed up until midnight because I was going to make italian beef for the next day and since the meat was going to start turning soon I didn't want to wait any longer getting it into the crock pot. So just before midnight I got it into the pot to cook for 10 hours. It wasn't turning yet, but by Saturday evening it would've been.

Saturday I got up about 8:15 or so and got myself ready to go do the shopping that was needed for the rest of the food for the game. Got to Sam's for the buns for the italian beef, veggie tray and a few other things. Then went over to Jewel to get a few more things. And of course they had a smaller veggie tray than Sam's and I really should've gotten it there. Oh well. After Sam's I went to PetSmart to get Poydras a new Nylabone as his was well chewed. There was guy there with a beautiful Great Dane. Oh how I love the Danes. And he was just so sweet and handsome. The dog, not the man. Well, the man was letting everyone come up to pet the dog (can't remember the name now) and answering questions so I guess he was sweet too.

Got home and put things away that needed it and started to do the cleaning. Was pretty much done when HDiTty got home. Asked him to take the garbage from the kitchen out and mop the floor in the basement real quick while I jumped in the shower to get ready.

My mom, Jason and Roy came over. Our friend Jeremy and our neighbor, Chewy, and two of his kids also came over. Luckily the two roasts made a lot of italian beef and we had plenty to go around.

Not happy with the turnout at all, of course not. But overall it was a pretty good game to watch at least. So many people were saying how this was a cakewalk, that basically we had a byweek because the Seahawks are so bad. Because of that, along with the fact that so many of our wins were very, very hard wins, I was not confident at all. So I actually was not surprised with the outcome. Saddened, oh yes, but not surprised. We can't help but get behind them next week though against the Bears. Although I am a Bears fan I'd rather see the underdog team that beat the Saints do the same to the Bears. Especially in their home field.

After the game everyone took off. I figured HDT would want to watch the Colts/Jets game. I was so rooting for the Jets. I've never been a fan of either team but I was being bitter and hoping that the Colts wouldn't make it any further than we did this year. So, yeah, very happy they lost. But I digress. HDT was too depressed to watch the game so after I straightened the place up we watched some dvr'd shows until he had to go to bed.

Sunday I got up some time after 9:00 and proceeded to have an absolute boring and relaxing day. I did nothing but soak in the tub, read and watch my tv shows that he doesn't. He picked me up when he got home and ran to the pharmacy to pick up a couple prescriptions then headed over to the Chinese place for takeout dinner and then head home to watch some dvr'd shows until I had to go to bed.

Oh yeah, I did wake up a little after 1:00am on Saturday night/Sunday morning. I realized my stomach wasn't feeling so good and after a bit got up to go to the bathroom. Ended up vomiting 4 times before I finally felt better. All told from start to finish it was about an hour and a half. I was worried that I had food poisoning and that I got everyone sick. But when I woke up a few hours later when HDT's alarm went off and I felt perfectly fine and so did he I knew it was just one of my really weird sickness episodes.

Media quote of the day:

Excuse me, I have to go vomit. - Hermione Granger - Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

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