Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekend Update 1/14-16/11

So this weekend was half busy and half relaxing. Friday when I got home from work HDT's sister, Jenn, was over with her two kids. Her oldest spent the whole time playing on his DS except for when he made a call to one of his friends to invite him over for a sleepover. And her youngest, who will be turning 2 in just a couple weeks, spent the whole time running around trying to get into whatever he possibly could. But they left by 6:00 so it wasn't too bad. At least not for me, I guess they had been over for a few hours.

After they left we went back and forth on what to eat and finally decided on getting some Popeyes - yum! After grabbing that we went back home and watched some tv until we needed to go to bed.

Saturday we got up around 10ish. Actually by the time we got out of bed it was 10:30. I got ready to go to the store to get birthday cards for 3 people having their parties later that afternoon. He finished getting the cd of pictures completed for his grandma. I got home close to 1:30 to pick him up and head out. We of course didn't get out of the house until just after 2:00 which is when both parties started.

I dropped him off at his grandma's then headed over to Scott's house. His daughter and stepdaughter were having their birthday parties together. He had gone to all this time and trouble to make all kinds of food: fried chicken, ham and Italian beef for sandwiches, taquitos and chili along with having veggies and chips. And the only ones there were the kids (he has 4) and one of their friends, my mom, me, Roy and Scott. His wife had to work, Jason had to work and Wayne and his family didn't make it. They were on their way when Wayne started to upchuck in the van. So they of course turned around to go back home. I felt bad that he had all that food but I could only eat so much. I did prepare a plate of ham to take home for HDT though and took a slice of one of the cakes as well for him.

At 5:30 when they still hadn't opened the cards yet I said I had to leave since I still had to go to grandma's party. It was her 88th birthday and HDT's mom threw a big party for her, inviting several extended family members that she hadn't seen in years. When I got there just before 6:00 not one of them were still there. The only ones left were HDT, his mom and her boyfriend and Jenn and her two boys. Apparently pretty much after everyone had some food and grandma opened her cards they all took off. His mom said it had been over for quite awhile. To be perfectly honest I wasn't disappointed.

Jenn and his mom's boyfriend both took off at the same time and the rest of us watched the cd he had made of the pictures. His mom didn't get to see it earlier when they had played it because she was cutting up and handing out the cake. HDT kept stopping it to ask grandma who certain people were. Her brain certainly doesn't work like it should, she had a hard time keeping people straight, including her own children. She was good at always picking out her dad but then he has a very distinctive face. She missed herself a couple times though.

I started to get a bad headache and also mentioned around 8:15 or so that we needed to get home to let Poydras out. By the time we actually left it was 10:30 and my head was really hurting. Plus my left contact had been irritating my eye all day. They are brand new, just put in that morning, but for some reason it was bugging me and no one had saline solution or eye drops. Sucked, and it certainly didn't help the headache.

We got home and I immediately took out my contacts and took some ibuprofen. We decided to stay up to watch some tv; but just around midnight both of us started feeling really tired so we headed to bed.

I woke up a little after 9 Sunday and decided to read in bed until he got up which he did not long after. We started to get ready to go to his dad's house for the Bears/Seahawks game but I noticed Poydras following me around looking all sad because he knew we were getting ready to leave. I mentioned to HDT that I felt bad leaving him again after having left him alone all day on Saturday. He called his dad to say that we were feeling pretty bad about having to leave him alone for another day. We were hoping he'd tell us to bring him along but he didn't so HDT basically told him we wouldn't be coming over then.

Which we were both relieved not to be going because then we could open
ly root for the Seahawks to win. Plus Poydras was definitely happy to be able to sit in my lap and play tug throughout the day. We ordered lunch and it seemed to take forever to get there. I was STARVING and just finished munching on some crackers when the guy finally showed up. And by the time I finished my fries but before I started in on the sandwich I noticed my head was hurting. Now, I get hunger headaches sometimes but they always happen before I begin to eat, not after. I was not a happy camper when it started up. I was hoping though that it would go away not long after eating but it didn't it just got worse.

By the time the game ended I was laying on the couch with my eyes closed. Another reason I was glad we didn't go to his dad's. After the game he came over to the couch to sit with me (he had been at his computer before) and he went on the Netflix instant queue and we watched several of the IT Crowd shows. Some we had already seen before but they were still just as enjoyable the 2nd time around.

The headache never went away and by 7:00 I couldn't take it anymore and took a couple ibuprofen. We also turned on the Golden Globes. Ricky Gervais was somewhat funny but he seemed to be especially mean. Although when he was on Ellen he did say he was going to try to not be invited back next year. I think he nailed it. Just about every win I wasn't surprised by except for the one win by the best actor in comedy or musical being Jim Parsons - my future husband. I of course wanted him to win very much but totally expected the guy from Glee to win. And to see Kaley Cuoco (Penny) be able to give him the award was priceless.

I was keeping on twitter , and the spoiler chic from eonline were live twittering. I was disappointed though when I updated the feed on my phone and saw which movie won for best picture before they were even back from commercial. Thanks EW! So obviously what we're watching isn't completely live, they're at least 5-6 minutes behind. I knew they were a 2-3 minutes behind, mainly for the bleep button but not 5-6. Oh well.

Media quote of the day:

I'm just doing what you taught me. - Cobb
I never taught you to be a thief. - Professor

That price on my head, was that dead or alive? - Cobb
Not sure. See if he starts shooting at you. - Eames

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