Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Non-People's Choice Awards

So I think I've officially given up on the People's Choice Awards. I don't always remember to watch it but I remember that past awards weren't so bad. Boring bits here and there as all award shows can have, but still, for the most part not so bad. And pretty accurate on the winners as well. This year's show was just awful. About half way through HDT made a comment about how it's really the teen girl award show and he's right. Except for maybe a couple exceptions - Conan O'Brien for one.

And as much as I love Queen Latifah she just wasn't cutting it last night. There were a few times that she made me laugh but really, it was just bad and/or awkward. The bit with NPH was just so beneath both of them. I fast forwarded the bit w/ the K-sisters (don't wanna put their full name in here) had absolutely no interest in them. And the question & answer bit with the Twilight Trio was hit and miss. Gotta say I loved when she put Kristen on the spot and Kristen just fumbled through it - totally embarrassed. Well, admittedly, I was a bit sorry for her too.

But really, how could this be a "People's Choice" if two of the unaired winners actually won. As much as I enjoy Lie To Me, and I really do, how the hell did it win favorite crime fighter show and how the hell did Tim Roth win for favorite crime fighter? Again, love the show and love him but they were up against Bones (a much better show all around even though there has been a slump this season) and one of the CSI's - can't remember which and if memory serves it was also up against a Law & Order. Can't believe CSI didn't win, it's still the most popular crime fighting show, isn't it? And Tim Roth was up against Emily Deschanel from Bones and Simon Baker from The Mentalist, yep not buying that he could win over either of those two since both of those shows are more popular than Lie To Me.

Oh yeah, how the hell did The Simpsons win for favorite TV Family over Modern Family?!!!? Nope, not buying it.

The best part of the whole night was when Michael Chiklis did his little butt dance. That was great, other than that a few laughs but mostly just some smiles and then nothing else.

Whatever..... I'm done. I also voted for the first time this year, multiple times over multiple days. So yeah, maybe if they'd quite allowing that and make you have to log in to vote and only get to do so only once it would be more accurate. Sure there's still ways around that but it's not a quick and easy fix for your average voter so I believe it would definitely be more true to "The People" then it is now.

Media quote of the day:

"It goes up at the Oscars!" and

"Everybody who made what could have been a horrible year one of the greatest years of my life." - Conan O'Brien at the beginning of his acceptance speech. I prefer Ellen D. but I'm not disappointed that he won.

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