Monday, January 31, 2011

Weekend Update 1/28-30/11

So, let's see. I can't think of anything we did on Friday night so I'm thinking we did our usual catching up on shows while HDiTty also played WOW.

Nope, I remember now. We went to a wake for one of his coworkers that passed away. I got out a little early so we could be there as close to 5:00 as possible since that's when it started. We got there around 5:30 or so and left around 6:40 or so. Stopped off at a little Italian restaurant to pick up dinner and then headed home. Spent the rest of the evening watching tv and him playing WOW. He had to get to bed at a decent hour though since he was working over time at 6:00am until ?.

Saturday morning I got up later than usual and then hopped in the tub - as usual. Wasn't in there for 15 minutes when HDT called to say he was on his way home and see if I had called my mom yet. I hadn't, so he got her on the phone and let her know we couldn't do The King's Speech on Sunday because of a scheduling conflict and would she like to go today. She did so we picked her up and went.

That is one terrific movie. There were times that it seemed like HDT, mom and I were the only ones laughing. Not sure if it's that the others just didn't get the joke, that it went too fast for them, or because of the accent they didn't understand. At any rate, we three really enjoyed it and now I'm torn on what should win best picture - it or True Grit. The King's Speech is more in line with what the Academy seems to like. Especially since True Grit is pretty harsh with the killings. But it's just as good. I guess I'll be just as happy if either one wins.

After the movie we went to a late lunch/early dinner at BWW. Dropped her off after that and then met up with a couple friends in town to go to a different theater to see The Mechanic. Which was much better than I expected it to be. HDT let me know it was a remake, he had seen the original. But while watching it he forgot that it was until the very end when he saw a note to one of the characters and then it hit him again. Kinda funny since it was at the very beginning of the movie that he said it was a remake.

Jim came over and Pat went home afterward. Jim wanted to see something that HDT was doing on WOW. The guy that played the Bishop in The King's Speech was an actor that neither HDT nor I could place until he looked him on IMDB. We both kept seeing him as an evil guy and found out that he had been in Underworld. I thought he had said the first one so when we got home I put that in to watch since he was on WOW anyway. After he was done doing whatever it was that he was doing he and Jim came over to the couch and chair to finish watching the movie with me. Found out that HDT had said it was the second movie the guy is in.

But after it was done we decided to watch something else. Ordered dinner, watched a couple IT Crowd shows for Jim to see them and then decided to watch Pulp Fiction because both of them kept quoting it. Both HDT and I headed up to bed right after.

Sunday we got up and got ready to go get his youngest nephew's present and pick up his grandma to go to the birthday party. He turned two and he's just as cute as can be.

The afternoon was spent there having a good time then we dropped of grandma and headed home a little after 6:00pm. Made dinner, put in a load of laundry and proceeded to watch the SAG awards. So happy Modern Family won for best cast, especially since the actors that were nominated individually didn't. After the awards we watched the end of the Pro Bowl, disappointed that we didn't get to see Drew play. It was so close to the end of the game and NFV were so far ahead that the few times he was on the field he just kneeled the ball. Oh well.

HDT went to bed shortly after that was over and I finished my book then went to sleep.

Good weekend.

Media quote of the day:

From The King's Speech:

Do you know any jokes? - Lionel Logue
Timing isn't my strong suit. - King George VI - The King's Speech

From True Grit:

I've just come from Yell County. - LaBoeuf
I wasn't aware we had rodeo clowns in Yell County. - Mattie Ross
A saucy line will not get you far with me. - LaBoeuf

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