Sunday, November 19, 2006

Nothing much to say

So this last week has been rather boring, hence no updates. Last week the chick I've been working with at the employment agency had an aunt die of cancer so I didn't go in at all Wed. thru Fri.

H Ditty and I went to a large video, cd, electronics store with the initials of BB to pick up a battery pack for his digital camera. We had purchased both items at the same time back at the end of July but they had to order everything. The camera and lens were delivered to our house. The battery pack could only be delivered to their store. This store is a good 45 minute drive away from where we live. Now I know it's our own fault for buying these items at this store and not at one in our own hometown but it wasn't until after the deal was going through that the sales guy told us this.

So he tells us that someone will call when the pack is in. No one ever did and since we're procrastinators we didn't call them until the end of Sept or beginning of Oct. So one afternoon H Ditty finally calls them up and we start getting a run around. They can't find it, don't know what's going on they'll call us back. He has to go to bed because he works that night so he tells me that when they call back if they still haven't found it to just cancel the order and put the money back on the card. The lady calls back a little later and says that the delivery date is Oct. 31st. That that was the original date all along. Which is bullshit, there's no way it would be a full 3 months later but whatever. I say to her that we'd like to cancel it and she says we can't. It's a purchased item in their books and has to be delivered. The only way we can do this is on the 31st go pick up the item and then turn right around hand it back to them and say we want to return it.

Now it's November 16th, a good two weeks after it's to be ready for pick up. We drive down and you guessed it, it's not there. They can't find it anywhere in the store and then we're told it's never been ordered. Neither time was it ordered. So again I say I want it taken off the card and the guy tells me he's not sure they can do that but calls over some chick to see. She takes 10 - 15 minutes but it's finally reversed. While she's punching away at the keys she says that it DOES show it was ordered originally in July and that it should be somewhere in the store. We said the guys looked for it and can't find it and it doesn't matter anyway because we don't want it anymore. So she continues and like I said, finally gets it taken care of.

The good thing about it all is that the purchase was a 12 month same as cash deal so at least we weren't paying interest on it for these last few months.

Saturday was my niece's 14th birthday. Had a good time over at her house for her party. I was the only one who bought an actual present, everyone else gave her cash. She raked it in though, got over 170 bucks. I thought about giving cash but I really prefer to give an actual gift. That is, as long as it's something they actually want, which she did. She wanted the board game Deal or No Deal. She was happy to get it, so was her mom, the family planned on playing it that night after everyone had left.

Today the Saints decided to loose another game. Two turn overs in the end zone. Bad, just bad. It was going to be a hard game to win anyway but they very well could have won it if they hadn't turned the damn ball over.

So that's been my boring week. Damn, even when I have nothing to write about apparently I can still ramble and make a long post.

Media quote of the day: I work at a shitty video store! I want to go to a good video store and get a good movie! - Randal Graves - Clerks


Debbie said...

Oh, I had a boring weekend too. Sometimes those are the best kind.

Katrina said...

Yeah, not having to do much of anything is kinda nice sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Wow that is just unacceptable. I work as a customer service trainer and would love to subject those horrble people to my class. They may learn some respect.

Katrina said...

Hey Natalie, glad to see you back. I was wondering what happened since I haven't seen you here or on any of the other sites.

I know, right. I can't stand that store or the other big name electronics store. But at least this one has pretty good prices on most things. H Ditty loves the store but not the help. Years ago they used to be in your face trying to make sales but now it's hard to find someone and when you do most of the time they don't seem to know much. They're pretty good at bullshitting though.

Anonymous said...

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