Sunday, November 26, 2006

Thanksgiving Day Recap or Nothing much exciting to report for Thanksgiving Day but here it is anyway

So Thanksgiving Day didn't go as planned of course. No holiday plans ever seem to. The day was to go as such: Be at his dad's around 12 and spend between 1-2 hours there, get to his grandma's after that and spend 1-2 hours there and then head to my mom's and end the day there. He would either take a nap at her house and leave for work directly from there or I'd take him home around 6-7ish and he could take a nap then leave from home and I'd go back to mom's after dropping him off. Since H Ditty had worked the night before and was to go in later at 10pm he was supposed to go to bed as soon as possible after getting home Thursday morning. He didn't get into bed until after 9am. All of these times were supposed to work out very well. His dad was supposed to be eating around 12, his grandma around 3 and my mom around 4.

We got a call from his grandma while he was sleeping that she screwed up the time it would take for the turkey to be done so we ended up not having to be at her home so early and we also found out from his dad that eating wouldn't take place until close to 3. We decided to let him sleep until 2 and everything would just get pushed back some. Which was fine since I had already told my mom that we more than likely wouldn't be eating at her place, to not wait for us.

We got to his dad's around 2:50, dinner was at 3:20 and we were out of there by 4:20. Nothing exciting happened here. We met his aunt's new boyfriend and his son, that was about it. Seemed nice enough.

Made it to grandma's house by 4:35 and dinner was finally being served around 5:30. We had the exact same things at both places with one exception, he had some ham at his dad's. Otherwise it was turkey, mashed potatoes and a roll or two. I was disappointed that there wasn't corn or beans at either place. Just that damn green bean casserole, blech! Nothing much happened here either. Usually there's a good political discussion that happens but not this time. Although his uncle did say some things during his grace, which I didn't hear because I was trying to get my nephew to be quiet. HD said he thought his uncle was trying to get a discussion/fight going but no one took the bait. His sisters were giddy, one because she had had half a bottle of wine and the other because she just was.

We finally left there around 7 and headed to my mom's. One of my brother's and his family were already gone but the others were there. All the kids were in the basement playing pool with my oldest brother. My parents and Scott, 2nd oldest brother, were chilling in the livingroom which is where HD and I went to. Eventually Jason, oldest brother, came upstairs and we all just hung out. They had decided not to have a fire, never did learn why, oh well it was still nice. The kids came up for a little while and hung all over HD to look at his camera and the pictures he'd taken that day of his family. We finally headed out a little after 9. I thought about going back after bringing him home but my back was starting to hurt worse and I was getting tired so I stayed home. Besides as my previous post said, I had to get up early because some of us were going to the zoo.

All in all it was a nice day. No arguments, no drama, just good visits everywhere. I wish we could've spent more time at all the places but that's ok, at least we saw everyone for a little while.

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dirk.mancuso said...

First off...this whole Blogger/Beta Blogger thing is chapping my ass -- some days it lets me post, other days not so much. So while I check in every day or so, I can't always leave a comment. (Today it's let me leave 2 so far, here's hoping this makes a tri-fecta...)

Wow, 2 Thanksgiving dinners and no fights? Man, what kind of world do you live in? Not mine, that's for sure. How was the trip to the zoo? I've never been to the zoo in Chicago, but have always meant to go.

Hope your back is feeling better.

Take care! Until Blogger lets me comment again...yours truly,


Katrina said...

Yeah, I haven't switched over because of what everyone is saying. I have the notice that I can switch though so maybe one day.

I know right, I had started to write how I'm thankful my family is really cool. We all get along and I can't remember the last time there was a fight/argument or anything else negative going on with them. HD's family is pretty cool too. There's sometimes heated discussions about politics but nothing real bad. And his sisters and mom sometimes fight with each other but not usually at the holiday get togethers. I ended up taking that out of the post though, don't know why.

Thanks, I'm taking it easy the next couple of days and like I said if it stays bad I'll call the doctor.