Monday, November 27, 2006

Weekend Update

Friday at the zoo went very well. My mom, Scott's wife and their four kids and I all went. We got there close to noon, had lunch before we went in and then spent a good 3 1/2 hours walking around. All four kids were wonderful, not a whiny one in the bunch. They had fun telling mom and me about all the different times they'd been there and what had happened before.

My nephew, Scott Jr. and I noticed that almost every time we got to a new primate area one of them would take a piss. One of them, a big gorilla that was sitting on a branch that ran along the top of the window along the inside viewing area took a long piss and a bunch of it ran down the window. It was pretty funny because there had been some young girls standing there without knowing the gorilla was up there. When the piss started running down they looked up and squealed and back away. Scott Jr enjoyed that. Also, the biggest one in that exhibit picked it's nose around 5 times and ate it, so the kids got a kick out of that. That was the story they told the most afterward.

In some of the exhibits there's this large round red scratchy thingy for the animals to rub on. One of the camels looked like it was going to scratch it's stomach or chest but then I noticed that it didn't quite do that. It had been rubbing it's chin and neck on it and after it would back away and paw at the ground. It did that 2 or 3 times then it (the thing was laying on the ground by the way) walked over it straddling it with it's front legs. It started to bend down, looked like it was hunching it's back trying to get it's hind legs close up and it's tale was swishing back and forth. It's whole body was sort of twitching. It did this 2 or 3 times also. My mom agreed, it was trying to do the nasty with the scratchy thingy.

Although it's not a big zoo we still didn't see it all so maybe H Ditty and I will go back sometime and check it out.

Saturday was Scott Jr's birthday party (he actually turned 12 on Thanksgiving Day). We got there around 3 and as soon as we walked in the door we were handed a paint color chart saying it was our ticket to get into the show that the girls were going to be putting on a little later. We all had some food and then the girls ran down to the basement to finish working on the routine. Eventually they came and got us, collected the tickets and put on their show. It was the 3 youngest of them (6, 8 and 10) and it was gymnastics routine. Basically they did a bunch of cartwheels but they did them in sync and to music. They're all a bunch of hams. The oldest of all of them used to do these types of things too but she's 14 now and doesn't do it as much. She's the one that taught all of them though so they're just carrying on the tradition.

A little while later they brought out a karaoke machine but no one wanted to sing. Only my SIL and her oldest daughter (the 8 year old). Eventually 14year old sang some, she was very silly while doing it but it was fun to watch. They kept trying to get me to do it but they didn't have anything to get me drunk enough. Although I did end up doing one because I was singing it anyway, just not in the mic. So I finally agreed and took it and finished the song, Proud Mary by Credence Clearwater Revival. The machine they have gives a rating and I got a 67. Which seemed pretty good since I missed half of the words from not starting it and then screwing up when I did start singing into the mic. All the young girls eventually took it over and had a good time singing and competing to get the highest score. All the kids ended up going over to Wayne's (4th oldest brother) house to spend the night. Jason, H Ditty and I stuck around until close to midnight just bullshitting the night away.

Sunday was the game. HD had invited a few people to come over but figured only his dad would show up and sure enough he was the only one. Until he called his wife to bring him one of his Bears hats and she decided to come over to stay too. She also went to the store and bought all kinds of snacks: 4 bags of chips and dip; a cheese, sausage and cracker tray, a cupcake tray and brownies. She misunderstood HD Sr and thought the other people that were invited were here so that's why she bought so much. And of course they left it all here so he's going to take a bunch of it to work tonight.

So we watched the Saints game at noon. Which was awesome! They did what they should have done the previous two games which was kick ass. When there was less than 2 minutes left I changed into my Bears sweatshirt to get ready for that game. HD didn't like that and made me go change back into the Saints sweatshirt. After it was official I went back to the Bears sweatshirt and we proceeded to watch that game. It was an exciting but sad game since they lost. They really should've won though. Ah well.

My back was still bad and around 2ish HD remembered he had some hydrocodone (the generic form of vicodin) from when he had a root canal. So I took one since regular over the counter pain relievers haven't been working. It took awhile to kick in but finally did. It was very nice to be able to stand up, bend over and walk up the stairs normally again. But today it's back to hurting. Doesn't seem as bad though so I wonder if taking that pill allowed it to start healing. If it gets worse again I'll call the doctor.

Media quote of the day: It's true, I'm having a party. I've got three cases of imported beer, karaoke machine, and I didn't invite Michael. - Jim Halpert from The Office


Anonymous said...

My favotite zoo story is from age 4 or 5. The beluga whales were swimming around and one of the males was...aroused. Being the well educated child I was, I pointed up and said "his penis his penis". My mother, a stickler for facts said yes, natalie, it is. Other parents looked horrified and hurried their children away.

Katrina said...

Hahaha, funny.

But it's sad about those other parents. Why must people be so ashamed, especially if it's the correct terms being used? Oh well, glad to hear your mom was cool about it and that's what matters.