Thursday, November 30, 2006

Sister in law not feeling so well

My sister in law, H Ditty's oldest sister who's 27, is in the hospital. She went in the other day for what they thought might be some viral infection, maybe intestinal flu. She called this morning saying as long as she could keep her food down she'd be leaving in the afternoon.

Then later in the day we're told that she's going in for a ct scan. Turns out she has either an intestinal infection or
Crohn's Disease, at least that's what the doctors are thinking right now. She's going in tomorrow morning (Friday) at 10:00 for a colonoscopy to determine what's going on. We'll be heading down there to see her before she goes in. It's also supposed to be snowing big time, it'll be a fun day.

EDIT FRIDAY around 1pm: So we got back from the hospital not too long ago. She's probably got Crohn's disease but it's a mild case of it. But I guess they're not a 100% sure. She's being given some antibiotics and she can go home. They told her that in 3 months she should come back for more tests. If they come back negative then this was just an infection; if they come back positive she's got a mild case of Crohn's disease.

I'm choosing to think positive that it was all an infection.

In other news, we got dumped on today. I'm not sure the inches yet, let me go see...oh well, they don't have an actual number yet but we're thinking it's been 6-8 inches so far. H Ditty decided to do the driveway with the snow blower after we got home from the hospital but was unable to get the damn thing started. I shoveled a path from the drive to our back door while he was trying to get it started. My back is better but by the time I was done it was aching a little.

We're now sitting back in front of our respective computers and eating some lunch. He'll probably be going to bed after since he's working tonight and I may join him for a nap. So I'm going to end this so I can finish eating, surf the few sites I want to get to and then go lay down.

Media quote of the day: Mornings in a hospital are filled with possibilities. You could encounter a disease you've never seen before, make a life-saving diagnosis or try out the best new nickname ever [to Turk] Good morning Black Whale! - J.D. on Scrubs

2nd Media quote of the day: We're building an igloo in Central Park! It's going to be legendary! Snow-suit up! - Barney in How I Met Your Mother

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