Friday, July 2, 2010

Hottest men

So I read an article about the hottest men in cinema. Per this author Hugh Grant was IT in the 90's and Matt Damen was IT in the 00's. Although I agree that both are hot in their own ways I just can't get behind them as the hottest.

But then, Brad Pitt has been my #1 since I first saw him so many years ago. So I am a bit biased when it comes to him being the hottest. But I mean really, so many of the guys that others list usually look the same in every movie. Hugh always has that same goofy grin and floppy hair and puppydog mentality. Matt, mostly anyway, has the same kick ass, don't mess with me or you're dead mentality. When he's not that he's usually playing kinda goofy but you still see the other underneath.

Whereas Brad has played pretty, gorgeous, scruffy, crazy/scary, stoned, dirty, psycho, air headed/pretty, etc. And no matter what he looks like or comes across as he's still just so damn hot. So much so I really can't say what movie I prefer him in. I guess, any movie that shows his body will do.

And coming in a close second is Dwayne Johnson (you know, the former The Rock). I gotta say the only time he didn't look so hot was in the one where he's a football player dad to a little girl and didn't know it. He looked rather skinny in that one but I think that was about the time he split with his wife so I'm gonna chalk it up to heartbreak.

Media quotes of the day:

Heartthrobs are a dime a dozen. - Brad Pitt

I'm one of those people you hate because of genetics. It is the truth. - Brad Pitt

That's a traditional Samoan dance. I was lucky that I was able to fly my cousins, who are professional dancers, up from Hawaii and they were able to be in the movie with me. We had a great time. - Dwayne Johnson

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