Monday, July 26, 2010

Weekend Update 7/23-25/10

So the weekend went really well. Friday night we stayed home and just watched some tv since it was his weekend to work.

Saturday he went to work all day. I picked up LeRoy and we went to Wayne's house for his son's 14th birthday party. Normally the kids' parties are separated into a family party on one day and their friend's party on another. But they decided to combine them this time. He had about 6 friends over. They played volleyball and tag while we adults hung out on the patio watching 'em. They were very entertaining. It rained on us a few times but not hard and only for a few minutes each time. So we just pulled our chairs in under the table umbrella and waited it out each time.

LeRoy and I left a little after 8:00 to go help mom load up Les to take back to the rehab facility for the night. After they got him in the truck she asked if we'd go with her to take him back since she didn't know what staff would be there to help get him out and into his room so we went of course. Good thing since there wasn't anyone around to help out. As hard as it is to think it I believe it's just a matter of time now. He seems to have a more negative attitude than positive. Mom keeps trying to keep him upbeat and she's staying positive for the most part but I know it's taking a toll on her. And then last week she got the news that insurance isn't going to pay for the facility past Thursday the 29th. They decided, without sending anyone down to see him or talk to any of his doctor, that he's just fine to be able to go home. Although he can't walk on his own or go up and down stairs on his own and they don't have a ramp to get in & out of the house. The house is an open floor plan except for the bedrooms and the doors to those & the bathrooms are wide enough for a wheelchair so at least they've got that.

After saying goodbye we went back to Wayne's to hang out by the fire. His daughter was home from work so it was nice to see her as well. We finally left around 12:30ish. By the time I got home HDiTty was getting up to get ready to go in at 2:00 for a 16 hour day. I stayed up to help him get ready and then crashed right after he left.

I got up around 10:00ish, made myself some breakfast and then went to mow the lawn. But my Ipod mini was dead so I plugged it in to recharge and watched some more tv while waiting. Once it was done I headed out and mowed and weeded then went in and took a nice long hot bath to soak the muscles in hopes of not feeling too sore later on. Then for the rest of the day I watched more of season 2 of Grey's Anatomy and did load after load of laundry. HDT got home around 6:30 and I made burgers for us for dinner and continued to do laundry and watch Grey's while he played on the computer.

He had to get back up at 1:00am to go back in at 2:00 for 4 hours. I drank too much mountain dew throughout the day apparently because I couldn't fall asleep. I was still awake when he had to get up. I think I finally fell asleep close to 2:00. I woke up tired and sore but not too sore. My hamstrings are a little tight but my lower back hurts more. I think it's a cross between the bending over for the weeding and the twisting and turning while trying to sleep.

Media quote of the day:

Niles, I've just finished my two thousandth show. I'm exhausted, physically and emotionally. I believe that I am entitled to an entire weekend of doing nothing, don't you? - Frasier

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