Friday, July 16, 2010

The one where Katrina ALMOST starts a fire

So, yeah, I almost started a fire yesterday.....

Last Christmas all us kids received wooden pan holders from mom and Les which Les made himself in his wood shop. They're really cool and we've had ours on our stove ever since bringing them home. You know what I'm talking about? Those things you put on your table to put a really hot pot/pan on so your table or table cloth doesn't get all burnt and shit? Yeah, those things, he made em out of wood and they're really cool looking.

Well last week after I made pasta alla vodka I put both of them in the oven (which was still warm from the garlic bread) and then put the paper plates on top of them to keep the food warm while I packaged up the rest into containers for the fridge. I then took the plates out and we went and ate. I had put them in so I wouldn't be putting paper plates directly on 300 degree wire racks. But then I forgot to take the holders out. Yep, smart me.

So then last night we decide we're gonna have some chicken and tots. So I turn on the oven to heat it up. After a couple minutes I started smelling something but just figured it was cheese or something like that on the bottom of the oven burning off. It was a little stronger smelling a few minutes later and I figured it was time to go put the food in anyway so I head up the stairs. As I look up I see smoke and just then the smoke alarm starts to beep. Freaked the cats and dog out let me to you.

HDiTty also was like, what the fuck is going on. I'm at the top of the stairs now and turn to go into the kitchen and it's full of smoke. I open the oven and smoking away are the holders. The kitchen, living room and now our bedroom is full of smoke. Luckily they weren't on fire, just smoking really badly. I took them out and put them in the sink and started to open windows right away. HDT took them outside since they continued to smoke. I turned the floor fan on in the bedroom to face it out into the hallway while he turned the alarm off. But then he put the fan in the bedroom window facing out so it'd suck the smoke out of the house.

After a little while it all cleared out but the smell stuck around for a little while. They're pretty black but still usable. I don't want to get rid of them if I can help it since Les made them and who knows how things will continue to go with him and being sick and all right now. Even if he finally gets better there's no telling if he'll be strong enough to ever get back out to his wood shop again or not.

Media quote of the day: Friends - The One Where Rachel Finds Out

Men are here. - Chandler
We make fire. Cook meat. - Joey
Then put out fire by peeing, no get invited back. - Chandler

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