Friday, July 9, 2010

Stream of random thought writing

So, I was thinking that I should really update the site if I'm gonna be posting again. There's several links over there that are no longer valid or need a password to get to and I don't even have it, so yeah, they need to come off. I also need to get back to statcounter and renew my account.

It seems like the people that quit writing did so right around the same time as I did give or take a month or two. Kinda weird. But I'm amazed at how many of them are still around and update regularly.

I have to go grocery shopping after work. I really don't wanna do it but this constantly buying food for lunch is absolutely ridiculous! Being a temp still my pay is squat and even though we said we weren't going to go back to spending willy nilly once I got a job we have. Well, not willy nilly but still not as responsible as we should be. Like all this eating out for lunch and still several times for dinner. A lot of the dinner has to do with it being hot as hell out there and not wanting to turn the oven on or standing over a hot stove top. And a basic laziness too, I won't lie.

And I'm all about the skillet meals that are out there now. Especially the Stouffer's ones. They're extremely cheap and enough food, as long as we add some garlic bread, for just us two. And calorie wise they're damn good as well. Less than 400 for each of us. Of course you throw in the bread and it goes back up to around a 500 calorie meal, but still, that's better than so many of our other meals.

So we're hoping to be able to go to the opening game in September. It's a Thursday night game so I'd have to take off Thursday and Friday. With probably no pay too. But I went to Orbitz and Expedia to see what the going rate for a flight & hotel would be and it's pretty damn cheep! One of the hotels we've stayed at before that's really nice and right by the quarter is extremely cheep. I checked for a 4 night stay. With round trip & the hotel for 4 nights it's approximately $350.00 a person. WOW!! Considering the flight is usally that alone it's great. And then the last time I checked that hotel the going rate for one night was over $200.00 a night. The time we stayed there they had just opened the place, their restaurant wasn't even finished being renovated and the price of the room was $75.00 a night. When I was looking at the form that they had on the door reading the rules & regulations I got to the part where it said the room couldn't be rented for less than $350.00 a night and was totally shocked. Obviously that's changed considering I saw it for the $200.00 approx. rate since then, but still, when I saw that I was shocked.

So yeah, I told HDT about it and he's all "book it." But until I'm able to talk to my boss I can't. Although at that time I'll be hired and a full fledged employee and I won't be eligible for time off yet. At least I don't think I will, haven't talked to anyone about benefits round these parts. I'm so willing to take the days off without pay if they'll let me that's for sure. Bosslady will be back next week so I'll have to work up the nerve to talk to her at some point. Not that she's scary, because she's so not, just asking for time off before you're even officially hired is kinda ballsy.

But pretty much the only reason I'm not hired yet, at least the impression I get anyway, is that they have a contract with the temp agency that the person stays a temp for 3 months. Several people have already hinted that I'm a definite hire, including the president himself, so...

I also need to ask her about Friday the 30th. If I can get the whole day off that would be great, I'd be able to help out with the preparations for the reunion then. If I can only get a half day then that's good too. If I can't then oh well, HDT and I will just get there when we can. But I don't think I'll have an issue there at all anyway.
Next day.

So I did my grocery shopping last night and of course rather than make anything out of what I bought we went and got chinese. Heh But then, we've been trying to get it for the last several days but our place was closed for vacation and the only other place we go to is 45 minutes away in my former working town. So yeah, we were very happy when they were open yesterday and couldn't resist getting it. But at least I'll have food when I go home for lunch and won't have to do fast food.

I am so happy it's Friday. I really like where I work but I can't help but still not be a fan of actually working. If only I played and won the lottery like that chick in Texas that's won four times now. And each time in the millions. As HDT pointed out though, how much does it suck to have won four times and still only amount to $20 million. But still, that's plenty enough for me.

Media quote of the day: My Cousin Vinny

Famous for your mud? How's your Chinese food? - Lisa
You just keep asking about Chinese food. You gotta let everybody know you're a tourist? - Vinny Gambini
Yeah well what are you, a fucking world traveler? - Lisa

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