Wednesday, July 7, 2010

July 4th, just another day amongst the rest this week

So our 4th of July/long weekend went ok, didn't do much really. Saturday HDT sold his truck and of course immediately had to go looking at/driving Jeep Wranglers. He's pretty particular on what he's wanting and we've pretty much decided that this time he's not going to compromise. Maybe that way he'll be happy enough to keep it and not want to get rid of it within a couple of years which is how he is with just about every vehicle he's ever gotten.

The salesman that we dealt with kept going back and doing new searches but couldn't find anything out there that HDT wants. During one of the searches that was taking forever we had to get up and leave since people were coming over for the UFC fights. But we knew we weren't buying then anyway.

My brothers and Jim, came over to watch the fights. They were pretty good. One of the best ones was the first fight of the prelims but Wayne and I were the only ones that really saw it. Scott was busy trying to fix our bathroom door/frame since the door wouldn't always close. And Jim and HDT were busy looking up Jeeps. Scott finished just as the prelims were ending but HDT and Jim would go back and forth between searching and watching the fights. Jason and Roy showed up just as the first fight was starting of the main event. We had a good time as always.

Sunday we lazed around until he had to go to work for over time 8-12 but next thing I know he's walking in the door just after 10. Apparently it was pretty dead but that was good since he had to go back in for his normal shift on Monday. Our town decided not to do fireworks this year but before that decision was made he had signed up for the extra coverage. Obviously ended up not needing it.

I had Monday off and decided I'd take it easy again. I mowed the lawn and that was about it. But then with the temp around 94 it was all that was needed. Watched some tv before that and then soaked in the tub reading afterward. Then went and collected HDT from work and chilled on the couch some more.

So, yeah, nice relaxing weekend for the most part.

We of course have not been working out the way we should be. But with all his overtime (he's working the next 10 days in a row) he's pretty tired. So I said again yesterday that if we keep blowing it off we need to get our elliptical out of the laundry room and set up again. So much for losing 10 pounds before my family reunion.

I completely forgot about a doctor's appointment I have this afternoon at 4:30. I made it way back in March. It's a follow up on the birth control pill, to make sure it's working for me and all. Which it is so hopefully I'll be in and out of there. She didn't say there'd be an exam so as far as I know it's just gonna be us talking about it and getting a new prescription to fill for a year this time rather than a few months.

So yeah, apparently I was due for my annual check up. Good thing I shaved my legs the day before. And I got the whole, you really do need to go get a mammogram done since your 40 and all speech. Yeah, yeah, I know I do and I will. Eventually.

Media quote of the day: From the X-Files - Northing Important Happended Today II

You ever hear of King George the III? - FBI Deputy Director Alvin Kersh

You answer my question! - John Doggett

He was King of England when America declared independence in 1776. King George the III kept a diary. On July 4th he made an entry in it: "Nothing important happened today" - FBI Deputy Director Alvin Kersh

What the hell does that got to do with me? - John Doggett

A revolution started, things that changed the world forever, and even kings can miss them if they are not paying attention. - FBI Deputy Director Alvin Kersh

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