Monday, July 12, 2010

Weekend update

So of course he bought a Jeep this weekend. He found one online on Friday and called his BIL who works at the place and we went by Saturday night after HDT got off of work. Didn't get out of there until almost 10.

And then he does his usual indecisiveness thing and starts second guessing himself. I usually like when he does it because that means whatever it is he wants to buy doesn't get bought for awhile. So money doesn't get spent for awhile. But this time he buys and then waffles. But it's fine, it's more amusing than anything else.

Sunday I went to mom's house to visit with her and Les. She brought him home for a few hours to get him out of the nursing facility for some much needed morale boosting. Don't know how well it worked but it was good to see him. I took Poydras along since I know Les likes to see him. He sat up on the couch with him a few times for a little while. He was a good puppy as usual.

I got home basically at the same time as HDT and proceeded to make us dinner. I made the pasta ala vodka again. This time I left out the bacon. It wasn't as good as the last time I made it but it was still good. I also doubled everything and HDT was thinking it might have needed to simmer a little longer to allow the sauce to thicken more. So if I do it like that again I'll give that a try along with turning up the heat a bit more. Doing the bacon made the cook time almost double but it might be worth it to do again anyway.

Media quote of the day:

Someone's been bitten by the puppy love bug. - 101 Dalmatians the tv series

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