Friday, March 4, 2011

I say it's my birthday!

Happy Birthday to me!!

I'm 41 today.  Does that mean I'm on the hill down or is that at 51?  I say it's at 51 and at 51 I'm gonna say it's at 61 and so on and so forth.

Our accounting manager's birthday is today as well.  2/3 of our accounting department is birthdaying it today.  Heh

So our boss took our department and the admin department out to lunch.  We decided to go to TGI Fridays.  Good choice, haven't been there in years.

HDT is supposed to be taking me out for a nice steak dinner tonight, we shall see if that happens.  He has to work this weekend so we're not doing more than that.  But next weekend we plan on having a game night on Saturday so we'll see if that ends up happening or not.

No media quote again today.  Man am I slacking in my old age or what?

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