Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekend Update 3/18-20/11

So this was another fairly busy weekend even though HDT had to work.

But I can't remember what we did Friday night.  I'm thinking we must have stayed home as usual since he had to work Saturday morning but I really can't remember.  If we stayed home as I'm thinking we did we watched some Dexter's Season 4 from Netflix.

Saturday, as mentioned, he had to work so he was gone when I got up which was at 8am. Pretty early for me.  But Pretty Boy came running into the room trying to get behind the blinds onto the window sill.  So since I was awake I decided to get up and workout.  I'm still sore today from it too, good workout!

I soaked in the tub reading the time away after that then got ready to go do the shopping that I didn't get done on Thursday night and also to get HDiTty's dad his birthday card and gift.  While I was out HDT called to say he was getting out of work an hour early and that his dad canceled on us (we were going to take him to see Paul) because he's feeling really lousy.  But HDT remembered there was a charity bowling event for the local FOP that we were supposed to go to.  So since all I had left to get was dad's card we decided I should just skip that and head on home and get it later or on Sunday.

When I got home he was already there but just.  So as I'm putting things away I let him know that there's no way I'll be able to bowl.  I'm way to sore from the workout this morning.  I'm more than willing to go and be a cheerleader though.  But he decided since his psoriasis was flaring up and hurting we should just stay home.  So he got in the tub with the Aveno oatmeal bath stuff to soak it out.

While in there he gets a call from some friends of ours that we haven't seen in something like 5-6 years.  They're in the area visiting her sister and would like to meet up.  So we met them at our favorite Chinese restaurant and hang out for a little while with them and their three kids.  The youngest of which slept pretty much the whole time but that was ok. 

We had to get home though before 8pm as my brothers were coming over for the UFC fights.  So we parted ways and we made it just in time to set everything up before the first brother arrived.  The fights were a mixture of good and ok.  Once again better than expected since there wasn't one fighter I cared about.  And of course we had a good time with the guys as usual.

HDT was silly and stayed up the whole time and didn't get into bed until close 1am because he stayed up afterward to set up the recording as usual.

Sunday I was pretty much lazy and sat on the couch still recuperating from the workout on Saturday.  I finally started watching Gilmore Girls.  Jess loaned me the first season ages ago and I never felt like watching it until now.  It's alright so far.  I guess I was expecting so much more since the fans are so fanatical about it.  Bust still, it's a good one to watch on weekends that he's at work and I don't have much else to watch or do.

A little after 4pm I quit watching and finished making myself presentable and headed back out to Target to shop for dad's birthday card and gift.  Ended up getting him a really cool black and white blown up photograph picture of Wrigley Field.

Got home just before HDT did, showed it to him before wrapping it up then we headed over to his dad's house for cake and ice cream.  Actually ended up being brownies and ice cream but that's ok, brownies are good.  Hung out there for awhile then finally headed out just after 8pm.

We picked up some pizza from the place where we first met and don't get to very often and headed home.  We watched a couple more Dexters before I had to finally get into bed.

Media quote of the day:

It was Harry's. I wasn't comfortable having it in the house with the kids, so I kept it here. See? I have nothing to hide. - Dexter

Dexter [thinking] - Except for the syringes, scalpels, and bone saw hidden in that secret drawer underneath. -

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