Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Weekend Update 3/11-13/11 Also includes Monday the 14th

So this weekend was a good one.  Since HDiTty had to work on my birthday weekend we celebrated it this past weekend.

Friday after work we got ready and went out to Outback Steakhouse rather than a "fancy" steakhouse as I was originally wanting to do.  We agreed that since people were coming over on Saturday we'd already be spending a lot of money so we decided to go "cheaper" and go to a chain restaurant instead.  We still ended up dropping 80 bucks in all and that was with splitting the meal!!  We each got a couple drinks - he got long islands and I got something I can't remember the name of but it was really good, sweet but not too sweet.  We shared an appetizer that although was ok wasn't what we remembered getting way back over a year ago the last time we were there.  So yeah, we won't be getting that again, since it was only ok.  We shared a fillet mignon meal, it was an 8oz fillet and we got the garlic mashed potatoes and broccoli for the sides.  We split everything in half and then before we even took a bite of anything we realized we forgot to order the 3 grilled shrimp add on for me.  So we snagged the waitress and let her know I'd like those.  I cut about 2oz off of my half of the steak and gave it to him.  That way he got about 5oz and and I got 3oz., which with the shrimp was perfect.  Then we shared a desert of warm brownie with vanilla ice cream on top.  It would've been over a hundred bucks if I would've gotten my own meal. 

So yeah, we won't be doing that again when we go.  No appetizer nor desert, although the only reason we got desert was because of celebrating my birthday.  We'll still split the steak and as long as the add on shrimp are still available I'll get those so he can have more of the steak; and we'll get our own 2 sides.  That'll work out really well.  Afterward we headed home and just vegged out on the couch until bedtime.  Or at least I did, he went on the computer and came to bed a couple/few hours after I did.

Saturday I got up before him and got myself presentable and headed out to the grocery store just before noon.  I woke him up before I left though to make sure he didn't oversleep.  When I got home he let me know that Jess was on her way over to start watching more Grey's Anatomy.  We cried and cried when George died, watched one more after that ep and then had to stop so she could go home to take a shower for later that night; HDT could take a shower and head out to get my cake and a few other things I forgot earlier; and I could vacuum and finish straightening up.

HDT also picked up Jim while he was out.  They made it back before Jess did.  At some point earlier I had been putting the twelve packs of pop in the fridge to get cold.  I also was transferring my Diet Mt. Dews from the case to the fridge pack, as I was doing so I dropped one of the cans right ON TOP of my left foot:

Look at that bruise!  And that tiny, tiny cut that bled like crazy!!  Yeah, it still hurts, maybe even more now that the bruise is starting to heal.

Anyway, Jess finally made it back over, Pat also came and Michelle - one of the girls that went to school in Mexico when HDT did several summers ago.  Love her!!  We had a great time playing games and eating good but bad for you food and having birthday cake and doing shot after shot of Jager.  Although some of them had other types of shots as well.

Jess and Pat left around the same time so the rest of us played another game before finally Michelle had to leave.  HDT, Jim and I watched a movie - Suck - that I had read about awhile ago in EW and their friend Clint had reminded me about when all the mutants were in town a few weeks back.  It was an absolutely ridiculous but fun movie - recommended!!

I went to bed after that, not sure when HDT finally took Jim home but he didn't make it into bed until after 7am.  Which was bad since we had to get up fairly early to go to his nephew's birthday party.  Since we lost an hour that didn't help and since we still needed to get his card and present and pick up grandma on the way he really couldn't/didn't get much sleep.

Jess got over just after 1pm and we headed to Target to get presents and cards.  We also got his mom her cards and present (her birthday was Feb 21st) and then headed over to grandma's to wrap everything up and sign the cards.  Got up to the party around 3pm and no sooner did we walk in the door than Gage started to open his gifts.  I guess they were just waiting on us to show up.  After the gift opening we sang happy birthday and had cake and that was that really.  Did some socializing for a little while and then made it out of there around 5:30 or so. 

Took grandma to the pharmacy to collect some of her medicine but they were closed for the day so just took her home.  Got home and Jess took off to go meet a couple friends for the rest of the evening.  HDT and I debated about heading out to our favorite Chinese place to pick up dinner but I told him since we spent so damn much money this weekend and it's such a long drive out there and it's not exactly cheap to get it he had to agree that it would be the last time this month that we ate out.  Oh yeah, he also had to drive because I was really too tired to keep driving.  So since he didn't like any of those things he decided we'd just stay home for dinner, as we should anyway.  He made tacos for himself and I had a couple hot dogs and chips.

We finally started watching Dexter Season 4 that we've had from Netflix for several weeks now.  Then around 11:00ish we finally made it into bed.

He had to go in at 5:00am instead of his usual 6:00.  When I woke up when his alarm went off I was met with a very bad headache.  But rather than take anything for it I figured I just needed more sleep.  Yeah, that didn't help.  For one it took me forever to fall back asleep because of how bad it was and I think thinking about it didn't help.  Then when my alarm went off a couple hours later and I moved to hit the snooze I got the sharpest fuckin knife pain all over my forehead.  UGH.  I got up to let the boy out to do his business, got him and the cats fed and went into the bathroom to try to get ready anyway. 

Yeah, that wasn't gonna work.  So I called and left a message for my boss, took one of my Maxalts, put a blanket over our east facing window, put on my eye mask and crawled right back into bed.  I woke up completely just before noon.  Still hurting but not quite as bad as earlier.  As the day wore on it kept easing up little by little.  Around 4:30 or so my head all of sudden started to tingle and get really cool and I could actually feel the pressure releasing.  That's only happened a handful of times.  I got really happy but then shortly after no pain it came back but this time only on the right side of my head.

That stayed, getting bad then easing up then getting bad then easing up over and over all the way until last night.  I went into work on Tuesday though because this time at least it was manageable.  Turns out my coworker also called in sick.  Except she's feeling all fluey, just no fever. 

She's still feels that way today and my head has decided to hurt again but this time on the left side but at least it's still manageable.

Media quote of the day:  From Suck (2009) 

It's not what it looks like.  - Jennifer

You drank the guy!  - Hugo

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