Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Weekend Update 3/25-27/11 Including Monday the 28th

So this weekend was pretty good.  Friday night on my way home from work I gave HDiTty a call as usual and he said that Jim and Pat were on their way over to go out to the movies.  Jim's been wanting to take us to a movie for our birthdays since he didn't get us anything for them.

I was pretty tired and didn't want to go anywhere but I really wanted to see Paul so I said as long as I didn't have to drive I was game.  Pat ended up not coming because he said Paul wasn't worth seeing in the theater for all the money that would be spent.  He can't go to see a movie without buying a large popcorn and large drink.  Whatever.

So we three started debating on what other movie we could go see that would include Pat but after reading what we did about Suckerpunch we decided it wouldn't be worth seeing.  Besides Pat is also of the vein that women can't fight so he doesn't like those kinds of films anyway.  And there wasn't anything else that really held our interest enough to see now rather than waiting for DVD's

So we decided we'd just go out to dinner and then come back to the house to hang out there and go to the matinee on Saturday.  Jim tried to get ahold of him to let him know and see if a matinee would be better since it's saving a little bit of money anway and to see if he'd like to go to dinner at least but he couldn't reach him.  We still ended up going out to Chili's anyway.  Had a good meal then came back home.  But before all that we headed out to Best Buy so HDT could buy some new game called Rift that so many of the online friends are playing now.

When we got home from dinner those two went to start the game and realized that they needed to upgrade his dvd player.  So luckily with all the spare computers sitting around he was able to find a player that worked and get it hooked up.  Took awhile but finally they had it.  After they did that we put in The IT Crowd Season 2 to watch.  One of the shows wouldn't play no matter what we did but all the rest were just fine.  I went to bed shortly after it was over with and HDT came to bed a few hours later. 

Saturday I got up just before 10 I think it was.  Ate a peanut butter sandwich and had an 8oz glass of chocolate milk.  Set my timer for 30 minutes to let it all settle before doing the burst exercise on the treadmill like I did last Saturday.  I wasn't able to do as well as last week, 30 seconds less, but at least I did a whole workout anyway.  I just continued to walk at a fast pace and I also inclined for awhile.

I took a nice soak afterward and while in the tub HDT woke up.  He said he was to call Jim around 1ish to see about going to the 2pm Paul showing.  We ended up skipping that because everyone was moving so slowly.  But he got over to our house just before 3:00 and we all ate our breakfast/lunches then headed out for the 4:40 showing.

Really fun movie, ton of references to other movies.  I'm sure we didn't catch them all.  It's a lot "bloodier" than I thought it ever would be.  But still a really good, fun movie.

After we stopped off at the grocery store to pick up a few things and decided to grill out some steaks for dinner.  Really good meal, nice and tasty.

I am drawing a complete blank on what we watched.  Oh that's right, it was Fight Night on Spike.  They had a free UFC showing.  Had some pretty good fights too.  After that I believe they went onto the computer to play some more of the Rift game.  I think I just watched a recorded show or two and then headed up to bed.  I was pretty darn tired.

Sunday we were really, really lazy.  We did nothing but watch more Buffy's on Netflix Instant and did some laundry.  That was it.  But it felt nice that's for sure.

Yesterday I decided I'd get on the elliptical after we had dinner.  Just being on there guilted HDT to get on the treadmill.  But since he didn't have tennis shoes on he couldn't jog at all.  So he went to get those while I did my second burst.  He had just come back downstairs when I finished it and he asked how I felt about taking this show on the road.  I agreed but checked how many calories I burned first, I just hit 101, very happy about that.  So I put on my jacket and we put the harness on Poydras and headed out. 

The route we take around our neighborhood is just under 1 mile.  We jogged about a 1/4 or maybe even a 1/3 of it in spurts.  Couldn't call it bursts because it wasn't all out but I was still completely winded after each jog.  Today my neck, shoulders and back are a little stiff but otherwise I feel good.

Media quote of the day: 

From Paul:

Agent Mulder was right! - Clive Gollings
Agent Mulder was my idea! - Paul
They're going to rape us and break our arms! - Clive Gollings
I don't want my arms broken. - Graeme Willy

And from The IT Crowd:

Hello, IT. Have you tried turning it off and on again? - Roy

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