Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekend Update 3/4-6/11

So, it was my birthday weekend and it was pretty damn uneventful.  Mainly because HDiTty had to work.

Friday I was hoping to go out for a really nice steak dinner but he made a good point.  Since he had to work Saturday morning we wouldn't be able to just go out and enjoy ourselves with good food and a good drink or two.  He wouldn't be able to have a drink, not really anyway, and we'd be watching the clock to make sure we were back early enough for him to go to bed at a decent hour.  So we decided we'd do it this coming Friday.

So instead I asked him for Chili's.  And to compromise on not going there to eat but bringing it home instead he had to be on the couch with me rather than going back on the computer.  Which he did, for the most part.  He still played Words with Friends on his iphone with one of his coworkers.

But we started in on the Ally McBeal dvds and that made me happy.  We watched all four episodes on disc one before he had to go up to bed.  I went with since I was pretty tired myself.

Saturday he had to work his full day, no getting off at 2:00.  I was pretty damn lazy all day.  The only thing I did was a couple loads of laundry.  Basically I parked my ass on the couch and watched a marathon of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 2 on Netflix.

When he got home from work he asked how sore I was from working out and doing the scorpion flip, I told him pretty darn sore still.  So he took me upstairs and proceeded to give me a really terrific massage.  Complete with low light and pretty music in the background.  Afterword we did, well, what adults do together.  Heh

We made dinner (fish filets & tots baked in the oven) and headed downstairs for him to give me card and gifts.  He got me a couple boxes of thin mints (yummmm) and the sixth season of Grey's Anatomy (Yay!).  But since we're watching that with his sister Jess, I just turned the Buffy shows back on and we watched those until he had to go to bed.

Sunday I did the same thing, just turned on the Buffy's and continued watching those all day.  I broke at about 3:00 to run to the grocery store to pick up a few things we were needing but then started right back in them until he got home. 

This time I gave him a massage.  Not as good as the one he gave me but still good and we again did things adults do with each other afterward. 

Put a pizza in the oven for dinner and he went on his computer while I resumed the Buffy's until I had to go to bed.  He stayed up until a little after 1:00.

So that was my wild birthday weekend.

Media quote of the day: From Season 2 - Phases

Several animal carcasses were found mutilated. - Giles
You mean like bunnies and stuff? No, don't tell me. - Willow
Oh, don't worry. I mean, they might not look it, but bunnies can really take care of themselves. - Oz

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