Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Weekend Update 2/25-27/11

So let's see.  It was a pretty busy weekend overall really.  HDiTty has a group of friends from his junior high and high school days, they call themselves The Mutants because they were pretty geeky.  Hell, to a point they all still are.  Anyway, some of them got together during the day on Friday and went to lunch then hung out until I got home.

I changed pretty quickly and we headed out to dinner.  We decided to go to BWW but when we got there they were packed with a 30 minute wait.  So I called over to Chili's (just up the street) and they didn't have a wait so we headed over there.  One of the guys brought his wife along as well with their 5 year son.  He and I played the games sheet that restaurants always have to occupy kids with.  We did word search and tic tac toe. I of course let him win those.  We started in on an ad libs type thing but the food came and we never got back to it.

After dinner we headed over to the bowling alley to have some fun there.  HDT and I barely made it over 110.  I beat him by 3 pins though, at least I think that's what it was.  After the first game was over Kevin and his family had to leave and one of the other guys decided to sit out the next game since his hand was hurting.  HDT and I did so much better.  I marked every frame but one and then it was absolutely horrendous.  I guttered my 1st ball and only got one with my 2nd.  And HDT decided I couldn't beat him and he stepped up what he was doing and finished strong.  Because of that one frame though he beat me by 3 pins.  Damn!

We headed back to our house so they could finish watching Fright Night which I guess they were watching while waiting for me to get off of work.  We had talked about different shows or webisodes we had all been watching so we decided to show them a couple of them after the movie.  We played the first season of The Guild and then the first show of The IT Crowd.  I believe they'll be checking those out when they get the chance. 

Everyone but Jim left after that, it was pretty late and one of them had to get home to his family.  Jim stayed behind as usual.  We watched some of our recorded shows but with so many of them pixalized (this is why we want to get rid of Directv) we gave up.  I went to bed, not sure what those two did.  Actually, I think Jim went home then as well.

Saturday we both got up about the same time.  We were debating on what to have for breakfast when he noticed that Jess left a message saying she needed a ride to her dentist.  So we agreed to do that, we only had time for a sandwich (me) and hot dogs (him) before we had to get ready to go.  Collected her just before 1:00 and made it to her appointment with 15 minutes to spare.  Since we weren't too far from the Apple store we headed over there after dropping her off.  HDT has been needing a battery for his laptop for quite awhile now.

Right next to the Apple store is a Sephora store.  Kate Walsh (Dr Addison Montgomery on Private Practice) has created her own perfume called Boyfriend.  She's been hawking it herself, especially on twitter and I've been wanting to test it out but we don't have any Sephora stores near our town.  So we head in the store after he got his battery and we were bombarded by two sales ladies from the moment we walked in.  But that was ok, they were both really nice if a little over enthusiastic. 

I sprayed a little on my left wrist and found that I did indeed like it.  But with my birthday coming up on Friday we decided we wouldn't get it now.  When discussing my birthday one of the sales ladies heard us and told me to sign up for the beauty insider thing they got going on and I'd get a free birthday gift.  So I signed up and did get a free gift.  I received a bottle of birthday cake shampoo, body wash, bubble bath all in one.  I used it on Sunday as the bubble bath and wash (not the shampoo), it was pretty nice. 

Jess called while we were getting ready to leave to say she was ready for pick up.  We collected her and decided she'd come over to continue watching Grey's Anatomy season 5 with us. We also picked up some lunch - pizza and bread sticks.  We watched that until just before 8:00 when the brothers would start to head over to watch the UFC prelims.  Jim also came over.

Scott and all but one of his kids were there first, as usual.  Wayne couldn't make it but the other two, Roy and Jason, made it.  Early even, they usually don't show up until the actual fights are about to start or actually did start.  There were two fights that the decisions were total bullshit but whatever.  And Bisbing - Oh My God I can't stand that cheating motherfucker!  There's no way this win should count.  I agree with HDT, that it'll always have an asterisk next to it.  CHEATER!

Anyway, after the fights everyone headed out but Jim and Jess.  She wanted to watch the last show on the disc of Grey's so we did that.  Just a little ways into it HDT went to bed because he ended up with 4 hours overtime in the morning starting at 6:00am.  After the Grey's show Jim and I watched the last part of one of the comedy shows we had been trying to watch the night before and gave up on.  After that he headed home and I took Jess home.

Sunday when I got up I finally started to make the Amish friendship bread I was supposed to make back on Thursday but didn't.  I had pretty much just put them in the oven when HDT got home.  He was talking to Jess when he came and they decided that if she got enough of her apartment cleaned she'd come over later in the afternoon to watch the last 4 shows of season 5.

He and I watched some comedy shows while having breakfast but shortly after eating he started to fall asleep so I made him go take a nap for a couple hours.  Shortly after he laid down I decided to take a bath and read.  After I got him up I made the other batch of Amish bread using chocolate pudding instead of vanilla. 

A little after putting them in the oven Jess called to say she was ready to come over if we were still willing to have her.  So we hopped in the car to pick her up along with some Chinese for dinner.  Got home and I set up the Oscars to record and then proceeded to watch the last eps of Grey's. 

Near the end of the 2nd to last show she mentioned something about wanting to take her computer home that he was supposed to be working on for the last couple of weeks.  They got into a little tiff and she decided she was going home with the computer regardless of what he thought.  So we packed her up and I took her home.

Came home and proceeded to watch the Oscars.  They were pretty boring for the most part.  I agree with everyone that says Franco was out of it and Hathaway was very bubbly.  But I was ok with that, that's what she is most of the time anyway it seems.  No real surprises with wins but that's ok too.  It was a good year for the front runners to actually win because they were all really good.  I would rather have had Rush win for supporting actor than Bale but that's probably only because we haven't seen The Fighter yet.

Anyway, after the show was over we headed up to bed and that was that for the weekend.

Media quote of the day:  From Here Comes the Flood - 2nd show of Season 5

Bones break. Organs burst. Flesh tears. We can sew the flesh, repair the damage, ease the pain. But when life breaks down. When we break down. There's no science, no hard and fast rules. We just have to feel our way through, and to a surgeon, there's nothing worse, and there's nothing better. - Dr. Meredith Grey

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