Sunday, October 8, 2006

Great Weekend

So the weekend started off great. Friday we went out to dinner at the restaurant where H Ditty proposed. We each had a great steak for dinner. After we went to a bookstore and shopped a little since we had over an hour before the show at Zanie's.

Tom Wilson, who played Biff in Back to the Future, was the headliner. He was great, had us laughing the whole time. If he comes to a club near you definitely go. He was good enough that we bought his cd on the way out.

Saturday was this month's poker night. I won again!!! How awesome is that!?! I wasn't as far down as last month's game but close enough. I was down to a thousand and H Ditty was my final opponent, he had six thousand. I climbed my way back up and won. I'm very happy. Oh yeah, Local H was my musical choice for the night. See, whoever wins gets to choose the music for the next game. There's 3 guys that don't really care for them, H Ditty being one of them so I chose Local H for the psychological aspect of it. So I plan on doing the same thing next month too. Maybe throw in some chick music to go along with.

Then today the Saints won their game, they had to fight for it but they won. Bush got his 1st touchdown ever and to top it off it was the game winning touchdown! They had us worried though. We were holding hands and sending our power of good thoughts through the tv to them. Heh

The only bad part is that more than likely H Ditty will lose his fantasy football game. He's only got the Raven's defense tomorrow and they'll have to have a kick ass game to give him enough points to pull off the win. The only good thing going for him is that his opponent is done, he doesn't have anyone else playing. So I'm sending my good luck to H Ditty and my good thoughts to the Ravens to pull out a win for my honey.

I like weekends like this, every day was great!

Media quote of the day: Hello McFly - Biff from Back to the Future

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