Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Just wanted to get that out for now. I'll put something more up a little later. I already did a reminiscent of a Halloween memory at the end of last month, check it out.
So, I was looking for my photo album so I could go down memory lane on the costumes of yore but can't find it. I did find my folder of essays/stories I wrote during my high school days and there's one that will do just fine in lieu of the photos.

The following assignment had to be done during class and we had to: Write a description of a place in such a way that the description conveys a recognizable feeling (for example, delight, revulsion, nostalgia, disappointment) more through the use of concrete and specific details than by direct statement of attitude.

The Haunted Castle by Katrina

Looking at the castle through the coal black forest gave me the same kind of feeling as one would get when a spider would crawl up his back. The path leading to the drab, haunted building was covered over with dead, soggy leaves and long, sharp thorns.

When I finally stepped out from the dreadful clinging vines onto the brown lawn I was struck with a feeling of doom. The two top windows looked like giant, staring eyes and the windows near the ground looked like a toothless grin of evil.

After I got my courage up I opened the front door to a drab, cobwebbed hallway. There were three lighted candles that cast huge shadows along the walls. One shadow looked as if it was a person with a bloody ax ready to pounce on its unknowing prey.

The door to the sitting room was open about an inch. When I slowly and painfully pushed it open, it let out a loud, piercing cry of resentment. The wind coming through the cracks of the windows sounded like lost souls calling to one another. The fireplace looked inviting until I took a better look and noticed it would give no cozy fire for anyone ever again. There were holes in the walls and the blood red bricks were falling apart. There was a barbed wire fence over the opening so no one could put anything in it to burn, without making a bloody mess of his hands. The furniture was covered over with musty sheets. They looked as if they would begin floating at any moment.

I passed through to the back hallway that led me to the spiraling staircase. Every step had its own distinctive scream. The first bedroom was covered with portraits of the generations of the family which had lived there. They all looked like they were carved from stone. All had piercing blue or black eyes. The men had hard set jaws and the women had wide shoulders. Some so large they left an impression of a strong willed and never giving in kind of woman. One to be fearful of.

The last bedroom I entered was to be mine. I was not expecting what I found. As I walked in, my eyes bulged and my heart sank. The bedroom looked like a tomb. The bed itself looked like a coffin with covers. The full length mirror on the closet door had a hazy, grayish and mysterious hue to it. When I looked at my reflection it looked as if I had no body, only a head floating endlessly around. The armoire along the south wall was huge. It seemed to forebode a frightful ending to my tour. As much as I didn't want to, I began to slowly open the doors. It seemed to draw me into it, as if it was demanding me to open them. The moment they were all the way open I felt a feeling of nausea come over me. There was a grotesque looking "thing" hanging from a hook. Skulls with candles on them and skulls with spiderwebs through the eyes, stared back at me.

I turned and ran out of the room. I wouldn't feel safe until I was away from its overhanging feeling of decay.

When I reached the outside of the forest I was left with a bitter taste in my mouth and feeling of death in my heart. I knew that if I took my ancestor's castle as my home I would either become as they were or I would kill myself. The haunted castle was left to crumble in an undying scary heap of gray, moldy stone.

I received an A with the word beautiful written next to it and Mrs. D. read it during class the next day. I was very proud.

Media quotes of the day:
It's haunted. - Angel from Angel (1999) {Rm w/a Vu (#1.5)}
Oh, still haunted. - Anya from Buffy the Vampire Slayer


Anonymous said...

All I have to say is Wee Little Puppet Man. I LOVE Angel!

Katrina said...

It was a great show. We didn't watch it while it or Buffy for that matter was on. One of H Ditty's co-workers kept talking about it to him. She owns all of them for both shows and loaned 'em to us. Great stuff.

Do you watch Bones? I thought for sure I'd have a hard time seeing him as something other than Angel but he's so good that he's totally a new person.

Anonymous said...

I also didn't watch them when they were on. My boyfriend got into Angel and I begrudgingly watched with him and fell promptly in love. We finished that series and are now on season 3 of Buffy. I haven't seen Bones though I watch too much TV as it is.

Katrina said...

Yeah, we watch way to much too. Bones is great though, you should check it out, it's on Wednesday's on Fox. He does a great job and it's fun to see him having fun on the show. Although there were lighter times on Angel there's so many more on Bones.

dirk.mancuso said...

I think David Boreanaz is attractive only to females.

I have never met a gay man who thinks he is hot, but oh the ladies they are a swoonin'.

I was always more of a Giles and Wesley man myself...

Katrina said...

Boreanaz is cute, much better looking in Bones than he was in Angel though. Don't know why that is. But although I think he's cute he doesn't do anything for me. But now Wesley, he's hot!