Monday, October 2, 2006

Feeling Icky

I hate being sick but I like being home. I'm not feeling well today, mainly female problems so I decided to rest for a few hours and see how I felt later but when my office called because they didn't get my message I was told not to worry about it they'll see me tomorrow. Which ended up being good because I was sleeping and not feeling the pains but of course woke up when they called and they started all over again. I tried to fall back asleep but my body is having none of that. I feel a little like Ferris Bueller because I'm not upchucking and I don't have a fever but I'm not faking like him so I'll get over it.

I have the biggest baby in front of me right now. Cry baby is being his usual demanding self. He's a big cat and keeps flopping down on the desk between myself and the keyboard and kneading anything he can get his bigass paws on with their sharp claws. They don't feel so good digging into my left hand. But he's so cute that I don't have the heart to make him leave. Ah, he's finally calmed down and is just laying here now.

While searching for a good quote rather than the typical Bueller, Bueller quote Cry Baby left and now I have Pretty Boy up here. He's pretty demanding too but at least he's smaller so I can type easier around him. So there aren't any real good quotes from the movie so I'll go with this 2nd most famous from it.

Media quote of the day: Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it. - Ferris Bueller

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