Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Pet Peeve

So, I have a few pet peeves but today I was subjected to the top offender as far as I'm concerned.

I cannot stand it AT ALL when people chew with their mouths open. It's absolutely disgusting. I've actually gagged and thrown up in my mouth a little because of this revolting habit.

My boss does this. I'm subjected at least once a week to it. This morning he was eating a bagel in his office. Our whole office is very acoustical, pretty much anywhere you are you will hear anyone and everyone speaking. You may not always understand what they say but you'll hear them, but most times you will be able to understand everything. There's very little privacy in your conversation. Anyway, he has hardwood floors and his desk faces his door. My desk faces his door. So not only is it already amplified I have to have my ears facing the sound so it's that much LOUDER! This morning I was making a face because I just couldn't help myself and gagging, blech.

Usually it's while he's eating lunch that I have to deal with it. So he's in there smacking away on a sandwich and chips. Crunch, crunch, smack, smack, crunch crunch....... The only good thing is that I've already eaten so the gag reflex isn't as acute.

H Ditty's best friend eats mostly with his mouth open. On our poker nights we've all established where we'll each be sitting around the table and he sits next to me on my right. We usually order pizza so I get to hear him smacking away up close and personal. Luckily over the years he's calmed it down some. I don't know if it's because he has a couple girls and maybe they've said something or maybe his wife has said something. I don't know, I just know that every once in awhile he actually eats pretty normal and only smacks a few times. I pray each poker night that this will be the night he doesn't smack.

H Ditty ate this way most of the time too when I first met him. We became pretty comfortable with each other right away so I didn't have any problem calling him on it when he did it. Now it's only every and now and when he does do it I usually let it slide but sometimes I just can't help it and tell him to close his mouth.

This habit is absolutely disgusting and there's no reason for it.

Well, I take that back. I had a cousin that did this for years. He was constantly badgered by his parents and siblings to stop it but he claimed he couldn't breathe correctly when he'd eat with his mouth closed. So finally when he was around 13 or 14 his parents took him to see a doctor. I guess he had something fucked up in his nasal cavity that really did mess with his breathing.

But other than something medical it's uncalled for. It's almost always going to be a habit and habit's can be broken. It may take awhile but it can happen.

Not a Media quote of the day: KEEP YOUR FUCKING MOUTH SHUT, thank you - me


Anonymous said...

Grosses me out too.

Katrina said...

A couple hours after posting this he called me into his office to go over a contract and he was eating another bagel. So I had to sit across from him listening to the chomping and watching the food swish around. And of course he talked while his mouth was full too which just made it worse.

Now everyone does that at some point but when it's on top of the chomping it's just worse.

Katrina said...

Oh yeah, thanks for stopping by.