Friday, October 27, 2006

Good girl

So I was a good girl and finally made an appointment with an employment agency. It's next Monday at 11:30. Wish me luck.

I also gave my resume to H Ditty's partner at work. He knows a chick in his bible study group that works at some agency in a neighboring town. She told him to grab it and she'd see what she could do. She's never met me, doesn't know me from Eve, and she's willing to do that, how nice is she?

We've also been talking about getting rid of my Rendezvous to save money. My payment is pretty high. At the time I bought it I was making really good money but then I quit that job when the company started to go under. So that was another thing I did today, I called to see what my payoff would be. It's still a little high to try to sell it. Kelly Blue Book says it's worth less than I owe so I guess I'll be hanging onto it awhile longer. Maybe I'll refinance it to lower the payment, we'll see.

I really really want to go see Nightmare Before Christmas the 3-D version. H Ditty told me we could go but now he's all worried because of me not working. But 15 bucks for a movie ain't gonna kill us. I love this movie, I watch it at least once a year and to get to see it in the theater again in 3-D no less is just awesome. So in an hour or 2 I'm gonna have to go wake his ass up and demand to go. Otherwise I'm going by myself.

Media quote of the day: Kidnap the Santa Claus / beat him with a stick / lock him up for ninety years / see what makes him tick. - Lock, Shock and Barrel - Nightmare Before Christmas


Anonymous said...

Movie was great, the Disney 3D was pretty dang cool too.


Anonymous said...

I used to work in a placement agency. Keep on them about positions, it truly is a numbers game. Some are great though. Best of luck.

Katrina said...

Thanks. I just got back from my appointment. I'll be going tomorrow again for us to work together, hone up on my skills and such. I feel good about the lady I'm working with so that's a plus.