Monday, October 16, 2006

Weekend update

So this weekend went well. Friday night right after work I went to my favorite grocery store, oh here's where it's not so well. They were apparently bought out so they're closing down, something else is moving in but the checkout guy didn't know what. So that sucks big time, I bypass two other stores to go to this one. But the upside was that everything was on sale so I bought a few extra things. Bought two large porterhouse steaks that H Ditty cooked up on the grill. Those were some kick ass steaks.

His youngest sister came over and finished off my steak for me since I couldn't eat it all. We all hung out watching Comedy Central's comedian line up and had us a few laughs. Then she took off because she had to work in the morning. She and their other sister were also coming over on Saturday.

Saturday came and we got ready for his sisters and a few other friends to come over. Decided we'd buy an easel to play Picturenary. So we headed out to the store for that and of course bought other things. We two can never get in and out of store with only what we went for.

Neither sister showed up, the youngest didn't feel well and the other we never heard from although he left her two messages. But the other people came, ended up just being 5 of us but we still had a great time. Played Battle of the Sexes first. We chicks won. There were 3 of us and only 2 of them but it didn't matter, we were just better. But then, I guess I should admit that many of their questions were a bit harder than ours. Many of the answers we wouldn't even know. After that we played picturenary, chicks against guys again. Then H Ditty and A played on a team and her husband, BF, and I were on the other. C, the extra chick, started out on their team but they were halfway round the board before we even got off the start position. So we stole her and she helped us make it more even. She's a great guesser and a pretty good drawer too. When we were only a few spots behind they stole C back. Both teams ended up on the finish square together and with C's guessing they ended up winner. After that it was going on 3am and A had to get up for work in 5 hours and they still had an hour to drive to get home so they all left.

I got into bed around 5:30 and H Ditty about an hour or so later. I made myself get up around 10:15 so I could start the potroast going in the crock pot. By the time I was done, peeling and cutting up and throwing everything in the pot it was close to 11. So I cleaned up the kitchen and then woke up H Ditty. We watched the Saints game, all nervous again because Philly's such a good team right now. The Saints'll finally get some respect though. They let Philly know they came to play, wouldn't be walking over them AT ALL. We finally got to see Jiggedy Joe Horn be all jiggedy. And we got worried for Duece when he went out hurt but then he came back nice and strong. It was an exciting game.

After that I laid down to take a nap and H Ditty went to a local bar/restaurant for a benefit for a co-worker. He got home around 7ish. We ate the pot roast which was absolutely delicious, he watched the late game while I read and half watched the game.

All in all it was another great weekend.

Media quote of the day: Joe Horn finished with 110 yards receiving, including a key 20-yard gain on the winning drive, while catching two touchdowns, his first end-zone visits of the year. "I've got to keep doing a better job of getting him involved early on," Saints first-year coach Sean Payton said. "He plays hard and has been fantastic. He is everything you want in a player." All taken from

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