Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Another thought provoking entry. Heh

So H Ditty has been on vacation the last two weeks and now has to go back to work tonight. It was nice having him home every day, I'm gonna miss him. It'll only be for two days and then he's off again for the weekend but still it's sad. The days he works we only see each other for a total of approximately 20 minutes. The 10 minutes or so in the morning when I'm getting ready and he gets home and the 10 minutes or so after I get home and he's running off to work. Ah well.

It's one of those days again at work. Both bossmen have been out of the office all day so far and I've nothing to do. But today is a day that I actually like it, I'm tired and kinda cranky so I really don't feel like doing anything if I can help it. It's going on 1:00 right now and if I'm lucky they won't be in for awhile yet. But I have this feeling at least one of them will be walking in the door real soon. We shall see.

I've been working on my 100 things and I've noticed that I'm very wordy. I mean, my little blurb at the top of the page says I like to talk but geesh. Most of the entries so far have an explanation to them, they don't just say a thing and then move on to the next. Oh well, it's more fun this way I think. I'm also thinking I'll post the 1st 50 as my 50th post, that's coming up soon, probably by next week.

It's all dark, rainy and chilly outside, the perfect fall weather. I wish I were home snuggled up with one of the cats and reading a good book right now.

You know what's sad, when you think you've got a funny story, type it all out and then realize that it's just . . . not. It's just rambling nonsense about rambling, so I deleted it. You're welcome. Not that this post isn't rambling, because it is, it's just that it's not about one thought going on and on like the paragraph I just deleted.

So I'm pissed at Blogger right now. When I go to my site right now all my links to the sites I like are gone. My header is there but no links. I'm at work, this is the only way I can get to those sites without having to use a search engine. Oh well, so be it.

Saw a commercial for the 3-D version of Nightmare Before Christmas, told H Ditty I wanna see it and he agreed, can't wait that is one awesome movie.

It's now 1:25 and no bosses yet, yippee!

Ok, I'm boring myself it's time to sign off, have a great day all.

Media quote of the day: And on a dark cold night, when the moon is high, he flies into the fog like a vulture in the sky! - Jack Skellington

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