Thursday, October 12, 2006


Well, not just snowing, there's so much coming down it's close to a white out. I can see out my bosses window that faces the street and I can barely see the building on the other side. The weather was just calling for possible showers. Showers usually means some snow fall that quickly comes then goes with little to no accumulation. This isn't coming and going, it's been coming down for almost an hour now and it's piling up.

It is a little too early though. I mean, we just hit autumn, the trees haven't even lost all their leaves yet. Hell, some haven't even turned.

But I am loving it, the 1st snow fall is always a little magical.

When I lived in Louisiana I was blamed for the first snow fall in 14 years. It was my Junior year and in English class we had to write an essay about anything we wanted as long as their was emotion in it. The emotion had to be clearly shown in just how and what you wrote about. I'd been there for almost a year at this point and I dearly missed the snow so that's what I wrote about. It was two full, front and back, college ruled paper written in my tiny handwriting. I think I still have it even, somewhere in a keepsake box in the storage room.

Anyway, we had to write it during class and the next day Mrs. D. read a few during class and mine was one of them. No one there was old enough to remember the last snow fall except for her. Only one other person had even been anywhere were there had been snow, everyone else's experience with it was on the tv or movies. Only one week later during English class the Principal comes over the PA and says the school is closing due to snowfall in Baton Rouge and it's heading our way. Should be hitting Gonzales in about 30 minutes and wants everyone to be able to be home safe and sound before it gets to us. Also announces that I-10 has been closed down in certain areas because of the fear of freezing. Everyone in the class looked at me and then they cheered. Someone said that if it weren't for my essay it wouldn't have happened and many agreed.

The Principal's information was incorrect, it was snowing before we were even out of the building. It snowed 2 inches and I made a tiny little snowman in my backyard. The couple who lived across the street were playing in it, throwing snowballs at each other like they were teenagers again.

It was all melted by 5pm that day. But I was a hero to my English class for getting us out of school.

It snowed two more times while I lived there. December of 89 or 90, can't remember which year exactly. But those snow falls weren't much of anything. No accumulation with either one.

Well, it's calmed down now. Still snowing but it's the pretty lazy snow that's falling. There's about a 1/2 inch or so on the cars at the dealership next door. I do see some blue sky to the North so it looks like it'll be ending soon.

EDIT: Well, it's 4:00 now and all the snow is melted and the sky is looking like the Simpson's sky. I guess that's that for now.

Media quote of the day: What's this? There's white stuff everywhere. - Jack Skellington (Yeah, yeah I know twice in a row, but it fits beautifully.)


Anonymous said...

How will you get home if it's still snowing? I can't drive in snow. It snowed here once for like a minute since I got my drivers license in 1989 but the snow it was in like 1995 but anyway, I couldn't drive in it. It distracts me. I have no ability to look past it. I just catch a flake in my vision and watch it until it lands. Good thing I live in Georgia, I think.

Katrina said...

Ha, that's funny, I've wanted to do that too - watch one flake.

Well, right now it's not snowing but then there's still a couple hours left before it's time to go so it might start again.

Basically if you live here you have to learn to drive in it or be severely limited in what you can do.

That's why they closed I-10 in areas because people down south don't know how to drive in snow and there's no salt or sand available to put on any ice that might form.