Saturday, December 2, 2006

Picture post

Me and H Ditty and the turkey

This is in front of H Ditty's dad's house on Thanksgiving Day right before we headed over to his mother's house. Not a bad one I think.

Me and the kids

1st off, it looks like I don't have a pinky finger on my left hand, don't worry, I do. Heh This group of kids are the 4 I went to the zoo with. Scott Jr up top; his sister on my left - Nicole; the two on my right are their stepsisters - Kay and Maria. Maria is the one laying ontop of Kay. They're from the Philippines

Me and my two nephews

These two handsome boys are two of my nephews. The one that I have my arm wrapped around is Wayne's son, Lee. The other is Scott Jr. This was at Scott's 12th birthday party.

The night of the snowstorm. This is my Magnolia Tree and garage.

Similar shot the next afternoon.

It's a weird garage, I know. The half with all the windows used to be a Florida room. Someone who owned the house before us painted all the windows but those facing the tree, don't know why.

Well, for some reason Blogger isn't allowing me to put anymore pictures up. Not even in another post so I guess I'll try either later tonight or tomorrow. I've got a bunch more on the snow.


Debbie said...

I'm so jealous of your snow. I want snow!!!

Katrina said...

I love snow and the 1st snowfall is always the best. Or I should say the 1st snowfall that stays. We had snow back in October which I posted a little about but it didn't stick around.