Friday, December 15, 2006

1/2 the shopping done

So we did all my neices and nephews last night. Eeewww, that sounds bad. We finished shopping for all my neices and nephews last night. There that's better. They're all getting Game Cube games except for three of them. One is getting books, one is getting a movie and one is getting a game for his Nintendo DS. I kept calling H Ditty a grinch because he wouldn't let me buy more things for them. I was doing it light heartedly but I still meant it to a point. He may or may not have made me start to get tears in my eyes when he took it too seriously and started to lecture me again. But I told him to stop, I know I can't do what I've done in the past but that doesn't mean I'm going to like it and not try to buy at least a little something else.

His mom, grandma and one sister are also done.

Oh yeah, I meant to put this in the other post but forgot. At Hallmark there are these really cool candles. The name is Wood Wick. I bought the fireside fragrance. They crackle like it's a real fire in a fireplace. There's many different scents. I was looking at all their different kinds of candles trying to find one that smelled like pine and came across the fireside one. I was just smelling at first then read the names of the ones I liked. When I read "fragrance never sounded so good" my interest was peaked. So since the small one was only $16.00 I went ahead and bought one. The scent permeates the air and lingers long after the candle is put out and it does sound like a fireplace. It's not real loud so you won't hear it over any music or tv that's playing unless you have it right next to you. But if you don't have any noises you'll be able to hear very well. I'm going to have to go back for a couple more.

He works this weekend so I may do some shopping on my own, that is if he lets me. Just kidding, I'm just being a snot.

Media quote of the day: Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful - another portion of the song we know so well.

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