Saturday, December 16, 2006

My FAKE Christmas Tree

I can't believe I have put up a FAKE tree!!! Since I've lived on my own I have never put up a fake tree, it's just not right to put one up as far as I'm concerned. And I was bound and determined to have a real one job or no job. I'd even settle for a two foot tree if that was all we could afford. But then my mother said she had an extra fake tree and I could have it. So to be a good girl I said I'd take it. I told H Ditty that he should give me a HUGE hug and kiss and tell me he loves me since I agreed to this monstrosity.

I put it together on Sunday afternoon and we were suppose to decorate on Wednesday night but never got around to it. We did it Friday afternoon before he had to get ready for work. It's not so bad I guess. Having this fake tree is why I was in the market for a pine scented candle and ended up buying the fireside one instead. Which I have crackling beside me as I type.

So here's the tree.

I tried to get a picture with the room lights out but the flash was so bright the picture looked the same as if they were on. Without the flash the only things that showed up were the strings of light and the lights on the angel.

I'm never satisfied with the way my trees look. I always feel like there's never enough ornaments but I don't want to put up more bulbs. I told H Ditty that I plan on fazing out the bulbs and sticking with ornaments that actually mean something to us.

As you can see there are many many fleur-de-lis ornaments. I debated putting the gold ones up but then he asked where they were so I put 'em on. I'll probably tweak it a few more times over the next couple of days. I can't remember a year that I didn't tweak for a couple days.

This ornament, although a bulb, is one of my favorites. It came in a set of four. I broke one last year and tonight broke two more. This is the last one. Very sad. It's the only one that stands out when the lights in the room are out because the tree lights make it glow.

I told HD that just because this is our tree now doesn't mean we'll be using it again. Not if I can help it anyway. Oh the reason I say fake instead of artificial is because that's too fancy a word to use for the monstrosity. Heh

Media quote of the day: Mom, when are we gonna get a real Christmas tree? - Daughter to her mom in Scrooged. Love that movie!


Debbie said...

Beautiful tree!

Katrina said...

Thank you. Like I said, I'm sure I'll tweak it a bit but all in all in did turn out pretty nice.