Sunday, December 3, 2006

Picture Post 2

You should be able to click on each picture for the full size to see better detail if you want to. Which is especially useful for some of them.

Night shot

Obviously two lawn chairs that are sitting by my back porch. They look like male and female chairs to me. The one on the right has a cooler sitting on it that we forgot to bring in so it looks like a big chested female chair.

Day shot

Obviously the chairs again the next day, it wasn't all that warm but they are facing the east. And it was absolutely sunny on Saturday so they had sun beating down on them all morning until around 12:30 when the sun finally was on the side of the house.

The sidewalk and stairs that I shoveled that made my back hurt again. As you can see it isn't that long of a sidewalk but the snow was deep and it was heart attack snow, so yeah, hurtin back. It hurts even worse today, all on the right side too.

We have four very large pine trees in our front and side yards. This one is the first tree as you face the street from the end of the driveway up by the garage. You can't even see the top of the tree it's so damn tall.

Close up of the same tree. Look how thick the snow is. See that low branch on the left side of the picture, the snow is holding it down so low that it's hanging over the driveway. Low enough that it hits our truck as we drive past.

The same tree the next day. Already a lot of the snow has been melted and blown off by the wind. You can sort of see two more trees on the left side.

This is looking up the middle of the tree that's closest to the road on the right side of our driveway. I thought it was a kinda neat picture.

This is the bottom portion of the other two trees. They're in our front yard close to the street. The tree on the left is so laden down with snow the bottom branches are touching the snow on the ground.

Day shot of the same two trees.

The trees on the left are our neighbors, the two on the right our the previous two.

The front of our house. Our snow blower still isn't working and since we never use our front door we haven't bothered clearing it so it still looks pretty much like this.


Debbie said...

Now, you're just rubbing it in. I want the snow. It makes everything so pretty.

Katrina said...

hehe, sorry.

I'm sending snow wishes your way. I hope you get some soon.