Sunday, December 17, 2006


Quiz stolen from Dirk. Thanks Dirk

You're Ulysses!

by James Joyce

Most people are convinced that you don't make any sense, but compared
to what else you could say, what you're saying now makes tons of sense. What people do
understand about you is your vulgarity, which has convinced people that you are at once
brilliant and repugnant. Meanwhile you are content to wander around aimlessly, taking in
the sights and sounds of the city. What you see is vast, almost limitless, and brings you
additional fame. When no one is looking, you dream of being a Greek folk hero.

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I've never read this book so I have no idea if this fits. Or at least little idea, I do remember hearing that it rambles and often times makes no sense so maybe it does fit. Heh I'm gonna go look up some quotes and pick one for my media quote.

But now that I reread what it says up there that at least fits. I do sometimes ramble when telling about something. I did this last night to H Ditty. It took me almost 5 minutes to tell him something when it really should have only taken me one. Also, at times I can swear with the best of them. I don't do much on here just because I don't, only when it really fits. And I do love to wander around new cities and look at everything. New Orleans is the best for that. At least of the big cities I've been to anyway. But I've never dreamed of being a Greek folk hero.

Media quote of the day: The snotgreen sea. The scrotumtightening sea. - Buck Mulligan from Ulysses Now that's a pretty badass sea.


Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH!!!! I just wrote a post about this book about a wek ago.
I have to take this quiz. If I am Ulysses I will probably hang myself. No offense.

Anonymous said...

I got it. I am so pissed.

Katrina said...

lol, that's so funny. I'm sorry though.

Anonymous said...

Love this quiz idea, can't wait to see what I am...

Anonymous said...

Love this quiz idea, can't wait to see what I am...