Monday, December 11, 2006

Monday Night Football

I was so totally conflicted watching Monday Night Football. It's obvious my favorite team is the New Orleans Saints (Geaux Saints!!) but my 2nd favorite is the Chicago Bears. They played the St. Louis Rams tonight. I cannot stand the Rams. Not sure why but I've never liked them.

Why was I conflicted then. Whelp, H Ditty's final player for his fantasy team is on the Ram's. If you read my last post it mentions how if he wins his fantasy game then his team is going to the super bowl. So I had to root for a team I can't stand.

I even called him at work to say it wasn't right that I was rooting for the Rams, it just shouldn't have been happening.

At first I was rooting for Chicago to win, just not they're running back Jones, because he is on the guy's team that H Ditty was playing. So I was cheering and clapping everytime the Bears got a touchdown, except for that one TD by Jones. Until HD called me to get an update of the scores.

He said I must not be cheering hard enough since the Rams were losing. I told him that I was only cheering and rooting for his player not the whole team. So then he let me know I had to cheer for the Rams, for the Bears to lose.

If the Bears lost that would help the Saints when it comes to the playoffs. As it stands right now the Bears are in the lead of the NFC and they have home field advantage and then blah, blah, blah, can't remember anything else. All I know is that I had to stop cheering for the Bears and start rooting for a team I hate. Just not fair.

But it didn't matter anyway since the Bears tore the Rams to pieces. Even so, my honey won his game and his team is going to the super bowl. And the really good thing about it is that of the other two teams that were playing the guy he wanted to win did so. The reason he wanted that guy to win is because his team is easier to beat so HD will have a much easier time winning the match. If he does win it'll be his second year in a row to do so.

He is so damn lucky I love football.

Media quote of the day: "I just played poised and just tried to take what they give me," Grossman said. Rex Grossman, QB for the Chicago Bears in regards to the Monday Night game

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