Wednesday, December 27, 2006

My busy Christmas weekend update (long post)

Friday we ran over to H Ditty's grandma's house and put up and helped her decorate her tree. That was a joy. First we brought up 3 large boxes from the basement and took out all the branches and put them into their respective piles. HD started to put the poles together. He says that we're missing a pole; I think it's just the top portion of the tree that's missing; either way somethings missing. So we all; me, him, grandma and his mom; start looking in the HUGE friggen' basement. After about 15 minutes I've pretty much given up. There's another tree down there so we grab that stuff and take it up in the hopes it's all there. I start to assemble it in another room. I tear open the bags that the limbs, etc are in. I open the last which has the top of the tree in it. I put it's bottom next to the top of the pole and realize they don't match. I call HD into the room and ask him if it matches the original tree. Sure enough it does. We could've been working on that damn tree for the last 20 minutes but grandma and his mom both insisted none of those bags could be any part of the tree.

Then there's the lights fiasco. Out of 6 strings we tried only 3 worked. But as huge as that tree is the 3 strings ended up being enough. His mom had left before we were done putting up the lights and had asked us to make sure we at least decorate the top portion of the tree including the topping since grandma is too frail and small to do it herself. She certainly didn't need to be on any step stool besides which she'd still not be able to get the top on. She had brought up the ornaments and we're going through them deciding on which ones to use or not when I realize there's no hooks. Not one box of ornaments is hooked already and there's no hooks anywhere else to be found. Plus, she now can't find her angel that's supposed to go on top. We end up having to run to K-mart to get both. The one good thing to come out of it though is dinner. It's now going on 9pm and we haven't eaten since much earlier in the day. We get it all done and head home so I can finish the cookies.

I didn't get into bed until almost 2am. Saturday we couldn't sleep in since we had a birthday party to be at by noon. I had gotten up around 8:30 to get ready and run to the store to get birthday cards and some booze for later that night at my mom and step dad's. We got to the party a little late but that's ok. Everyone was having lunch so we sat down and had a little grub ourselves.

After we went to mom's. Was there by 4 and stayed until 11. My mom and step dad have 10 children between them and many, many grandchildren. Only mom's side was there on Saturday, they'd be spending time with his side on Christmas Day. But because of all these people they decided last year to not buy any of their kids gifts anymore to save some money. So instead they bake up stuff such as breads and cookies. This year they made raisin cinnamon bread. Mom also made some pot holders and towels for us. They always make the same things for each of us so no one can complain. I was the first to open mine and instantly got a huge smile on my face and had to elbow Wayne to look. The pot holders were made out of some fabric that used to be in our bedrooms. The same fabric that was on the ugly metal utility shelves we had. She had draped the fabric along the sides to hide the supports and it spruced it up immensely. Also the same fabric was used for our curtains. It was a great way to bring back our childhood. Some of the other fabric used was the same stuff that I apparently had either a nightgown or robe. It wasn't familiar to me so it must have been when I was really young. She did make a point to let us know that the stuff she used was never on our shelves, curtain rods or my body; it was all extra fabric that she still had after all these years. Damn is she a pack rat.

Three of the girls put on a skit again. This time it only lasted about 2 minutes but was still very enjoyable. There were only two things that were negative throughout the whole night. For those of you who've seen some of my posts with pictures you know that I'm a heavy girl (that's putting it nicely). I don't need anyone telling me I'm overweight, that I should lose weight, that I'm big, or anything else of that nature. I certainly don't need anyone being an ass in other words. Wayne and I were sitting next to each other at the dinner table. We had all finished eating but were still sitting around talking. He was sitting at an angle with his arm resting on the back of my chair. I had gotten up to get something, don't remember what & it's not important. I came back to my chair from behind him. Between our chairs and the wall was a plant stand that had plants and old time tin boxes. So as not to hit Wayne's arm I twisted to get by him and twisted in just the right way as to bump the stand and two of the tins fell. No biggy, didn't break anything, no plants were harmed. He immediately chimes in that if I weren't so big I wouldn't have hit it. Said something else too that I've chosen to forget. I smacked him on his head and told him to shut up, that I was trying not to hit him that's the only reason I hit the stand. Now, of course it bugs me but by him saying that he's also saying it to my husband who's overweight and our own mother. She's not quite as heavy as I am but she's still heavy. He's said things like this before and it drives both HD and myself up the wall.

The other was that I almost ruined Santa Claus for some of my nieces and nephews. I had had a few drinks, I was only beginning to buzz but it was still enough to impair my thought process. On another site there was a question and answer post and one of the questions was: when did you find out the truth about Santa? I had answered that I don't ever remember believing in him although I'm sure I did. So for some reason that popped into my head at mom's so I called her over and asked her. Not paying any attention that a few of the kids were running around within ear shot. She just said she didn't know and walked away and one of my brothers told me to shush. I felt bad but none of them heard, luckily. And although I don't remember ever believing I do remember knowing that adults didn't believe. I don't know, my brain is complicated. So because I almost fucked it up I never got an answer, I still want to know.

Sunday we were able to sleep in since we didn't have to be at grandma's house until 6pm. Although we did stay up really late. I think I didn't go to bed until 3 or 4 and HD didn't get into bed until close to 9 I think. We had watched the last 4 episodes of last season's 24. All went well at her house. The only thing that happened was the usual. His uncle can get pretty heated over nothing much at all. Plus he seems to raise his voice at his wife an awful lot. Which he did twice. The worst part of that is that his daughter, whose 10, is in ear shot every time. That's just uncalled for. But overall it was a nice night. We left around 11 again.

Stayed up late, again, watched The Devil Wears Prada which I had gotten from my brother Scott on Saturday. Good movie. Got into bed around 2, HD around 3:30 or so. Was up by 7 to go to his dad's house. Dad's always goes well, no problems ever, which is always nice after his uncle's presence. We got the new George Foreman G5 that we wanted. That is going to be one awesome kitchen appliance. After opening presents we went to breakfast. His sister and nephew who are living at their dad's weren't feeling well and we were very tired. So after eating they all went home and so did we.

Both of us crawled back into bed soon after returning home. I got back up around 3 then got him up at 5 to get ready for work that night. He worked and I went to a couple sites I read. Watched the Dallas and Philly game. Loved it, loved it, loved it. I don't know all the particulars, HD tells me and I promptly forget, about how the playoffs will work. But I know by Dallas losing it helps the Saints so that's a huge plus. Plus, I'm not a Dallas fan, at all, so that was nice to see.

So that was my Christmas weekend. For most of it it was a pleasant and fun time. Made quite a few people happy with what we gave which made me happy. I'm hoping we can do this three day thing again next year rather than pile my mom's and his mom's gathering together on the same day like normal.

Hope all of your weekends, celebrations or not, went well.

Media quote of the day: A fat man, trying to squeeze through a narrow chimney, and I taunt him with Oreos and whole milk. - John "The Biscuit" Cage - Ally McBeal No one would dream of telling Santa he's fat and should lose weight, but then, I'm not Santa. Meh

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