Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Creatures of Habit

It is so true that we're creatures of habit. When I get to work and turn on my computer I always open up the programs I'm going to use throughout the day. But they have to be in a certain order so their tab/button/whatever you want to call it on the bottom bar is in that order. I need my email furthest to the left (sometimes the Internet instead but it doesn't have to be), then it's word, excel, ACT and last is Maxwell. Maxwell is our accounting program and there's times that it'll lock up. So does ACT (a pretty hard program to describe on here so I won't even try). Now when Maxwell locks up, as it did twice today, and I have to close out and open it back up it's no big deal, it's the last one anyway. But when ACT goes down, as it also did today a couple times, it screws up my system. I have to then close down Maxwell to reopen Act because otherwise they're in the wrong order. If I don't do that then I'm constantly clicking on Maxwell when I really want Act and vice versa. It's really annoying.

Also, when I started this job I chose the route on how I was gonna get to and from work and I've stuck with it pretty much non stop. Up until last Monday. There was an accident that was bad enough to close down one of the intersections so I turned onto another road to head West. Turns out that even though I had to back track a bit I still got to work at the same time. So I thought I'd test it out and see if going up that street to begin with would change anything. And it does. Even though there's more traffic lights and I do get the red quite often it's still just as quick if not a little quicker because most of the way it's two lanes so I'm able to get around those friggen slow people who refuse to even go the speed limit. If it weren't for that accident I never would have found out this route is actually better, enough that I won't go back to the old way.

Even our pets have their own habits. Pretty Boy comes into the bathroom every morning while I'm getting ready and plops down right behind my feet. He knows that by doing that I'll kneel down to pet him. But even the days that I"m just too busy won't deter him. He'll come back every day until I do.

Creatures of Habit we are.

Media quote of the day: Listen to me. There is a fly in the studio, and this is not a normal-sized fly. It's a jumbo fly. It has made a habit, now, of flying into my monitors at a great velocity. You would think that at this velocity it would blow apart on impact, but apparently this fly has some sort of protective coating that allows it to come right back at me. - Casey McCall - Sports Night


David said...

We all love our habits! I know my students flip out when the habitual routine gets messed up! You'd think someone was torturing them!

Katrina said...

That's almost how I felt when the damn programs kept getting locked up. AND, on top of that I closed windows twice rather than minimizing it. Which meant I had to close everything but my email to get things back in order! UGH!

Natalie said...

I think your order of tabs is awesome. I would adopt it except that if I have more than two things open on my computer it stops working. Darn these nonprofits. People always donate computers to the lab for the students to use but ignore us and forget that we can't help the students on crashing computers.

Katrina said...

That sucks, I feel for ya.

I did it again today. Twice, once with Maxwell and once with word.