Thursday, June 7, 2007

Talent TV

I'm hungry and should be making dinner right now but I figured if I wanted any time on here at all I have to do it now before HD gets home and kicks me off.

So do any of you watch America's Got Talent? We watched it last year and enjoyed it so we're watching it again this year. We watched the 1st show last night and we're both a little peeved. Now don't get me wrong, I like Sharon Osbourne and Piers Morgan, The Hoff is ok. But the whole theatrics was just getting on our nerves to no end. If this type of bullshit goes on I don't know if we'll be able to watch it much longer. I know they have to have "drama" and all, especially since it's produced by Simon from American Idol but still. It's a bit much to have Sharon go walking off and then start taking off her false eye lashes and saying she was taking off her makeup because she was done for the evening. And then Simon go walking off behind her all huffing & puffing was just ridiculous.

And I have to say. Although we both really really like what's her name that won last year, Bianca that's it, if the winner will always be someone who sings then it needs to end right now. Because here's the thing, someone who can sing will always trump everyone else. Doesn't matter how well they dance or play guitar or anything else, a singer trumps it all. So as far as I'm concerned last year's winner was a singer, it should be declared that singers are out unless you do something completely different, like the yodeler who came close to winning also. And even then maybe they should have their own category. Because if the winner is a singer this year all they've done is turn this into another American Idol but with sideshows.

But until it annoys the hell out of us we'll be watching.

We're also looking forward to the new Last Comic Standing. Last year was the first one we watched and we're hooked. These are the only two "reality" shows we watch. Oh wait, take that back, we watch the UFC show on Spike. So 3 reality shows. We just can't get into the others. For one we watch too many shows to begin with and the other they annoy him to much. So even if I wanted to watch another one if he were ever around while I was watching he wouldn't be able to help himself and he'd comment left and right to where I couldn't enjoy it anymore. So the 3 we watch are good enough.

Media quote of the day: I'm not. I'm not. Danny, I love her talent. The woman's got millions of fans but there are maybe fifty guys in town who know how good she is and we're two of them. I admire her. I'm knocked out by her talent. And I like it when she makes me laugh, and I like making her laugh, which isn't easy to do, so it's gratifying. She's undeniably sexy. I like it when she smiles at me, and a couple of other things, but that's it. - Matt Albie - Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip Another show that's been canceled and shouldn't have been


Natalie said...

I saw that too and it was totally over the top. I agree that singers really shouldn't be top contenders. Last year my favorites were the freestyle acrobatic team and quick change. They were both really great in my book.

Katrina said...

Oh yeah, I really like Quick Change, thought they were great. And All That were good too.