Thursday, June 28, 2007

Movie Review

Ok, so that was one great movie. It was totally unbelievable, totally silly, but totally an enjoyable ride. Bruce Willis still has it. I enjoyed him more playing an overprotective dad than an overprotective husband. His fight with the bad girl was a lot of fun. H Ditty nailed it on the head, we haven't seen a chick get an ass kicking like that since Patricia Arquette in True Romance. The difference is this chick kicked ass back and it was, once again, a lot of fun to watch.

His daughter is a chip off the old block. Her role isn't big but she did a great job.

And Justin Long, what can I say. I love me some Justin Long. Have from his beginning on the tv show Ed. Well, I don't know if that actually was his beginning but it was the first thing I had ever seen him in.

I liked the fact that the head of the government body that's fighting the bad guy automatically sides with McClane. Just about every one of these types of movies he would automatically be fighting with him, disrespecting him and so not believing anything he says. But instead his scoffs goes towards Home Land Security's guys.

Oh yeah, Kevin Smith. Love me some Kevin Smith too. Simply put, he's great in this role as a computer geek holed up in his mom's basement.

GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!! But make sure you go in leaving your sense of reality at the door because otherwise it'll bug the shit out of you. If you go in with the attitude of just sitting back and going along for a fun ride without having to tire your brain trying to figure who's who and what's what then you will enjoy this film.

Move quote of the day: Did you see that? - Matt (Justin Long)
Yeah I saw it, I did it! - John McClane


Dan said...

Kevin Smith is in this movie?? I had no idea.

I saw the trailers for this and it looked really exciting. I really enjoyed the original "Die Hard" but haven't seen the others. Thanks for the recommendation!

Katrina said...

He is, and he's great as always!

I've only ever seen 2 & 3 once but I remember enjoying them. The 1st was great and out of all the bad guys in all 4 movies none can top Alan Rickman in the 1st. But then, I love me some Alam Rickman too.

Yeah, I know, I love me a lot actors. What can I say, I'm a total movie addict.