Monday, June 4, 2007

I'm tired and hungry and I'm stuck in a classroom!

Oh my God I need to get out of here!!!

H Ditty will be going to Mexico in July and I'm sitting here in the classroom at 8:50pm while the teacher and the 7 people who are also going are going over some shit that deals with them going. Now, we got here at 6:30 and went over the basics: the itinerary, luggage, insurance, calling card, etc. etc. After that she had the 7 of them go over to a table and take out all these different items and discuss amongst themselves what these things are and what they may mean and also what they'll mean to them while they're down there. They've been doing this now for a good half hour if not longer and I just heard her say only 3 more things to go over. OH MY GOD!!

I came here straight from work and I haven't had my dinner yet which means I haven't had anything to eat since 12:30. I'm friggin' starving people!! Plus I'm getting very very tired. My eyes are burning.

Two more things now. We're almost there. Woo Hoo!!

He's so damn lucky I love him to stick around. I could have left since we both drove here on our own but I'm not gonna do that to him. Besides, I may make him take me out to dinner now. I mean, he owes me right? Right. Although, I am tired and going out will take that much longer for me to get home. Although, going out means I don't have to make anything for myself or clean up afterward. Yeah, I think it's going out. Even if it's just McDonald's at least I don't have to make it myself.

Media quote of the day: I think Buster's planning to flee to Mexico. - Michael Bluth - Arrested Development (A show that still belongs on the air!!)


Natalie said...

That sounds horrible. I hope you were treated to an awesome meal afterward

Katrina said...

It sort of was. I mean, there were some funny moments, mostly because H Ditty is a funny guy. But for the most part it was pretty boring.

We were gonna go to Max and Erma's but they were closed by 10pm (which is when we got out of there). So we ended up getting Boston Market Sirlion dinners. Which are good but not as good as real steak and we couldn't get Long Islands there like we were gonna get at M & E's. OH well.