Thursday, June 21, 2007

A little sad

On my way to and from work I pass an intersection where two teenage girls lost their lives. They were in the car together along with two other girls. There's two trees where friends and or family put a cross, flowers, photos of them. One for each tree.

Now the town where this happened in neither girl lived in. In fact, I believe they lived in two separate towns that were at least a few over from this place (if my memory serves right). Also, I believe, all 4 girls were from different towns. They were cheerleaders or dancers or something along those lines and were headed to or from some event. Man, sorry, I didn't read the articles about them myself because so many people were talking about them at work. Anyway, they apparently knew each other but I don't know how good of friends they were.

Since this happened, and it's been a couple months now, someone has been mowing the grass around the area at one of the trees. You can see where the city worker mows and then you can tell where the family member or friend mows. I've seen a few times now on my way home teenagers walking up to this girls tree to visit.

I've never seen anyone at the other tree and also no one mows around it. The city worker mows within 1 FOOT of it. ONE FOOT people. You'd think he'd take the extra 5 seconds it'd take to mow at least one strip around it. But no, never happens.

I feel so bad for her. But then, maybe her family and friends don't want to go there and be reminded of it. Maybe they'd rather remember her in places she was alive and well.

I don't know, all I do know is that every single time I drive past I can't help but look over and feel a little sad.

Media quote of the day: Because I could not stop for Death, He kindly stopped for me;
Because I could not stop for Death - Emily Dickinson


Dan said...

Beautiful line of Emily Dickinson's. So haunting.

A few years ago a car filled with kids who just graduated smashed into a tree on a street in our town. They were all instantly killed. Every time I pass that tree I remember that as well.

You're very compassionate and sweet Katrina.

Natalie said...

That really is sad. What a day.

Katrina said...

Thanks Dan, you are too.

Yep, what a day.